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Iraina’s hairstyle – July 2010

So cute!!! Iraina can now have her hair tied up. it’s so cute and she’s looking like a little girl now. her afro left her looking a little unisex, so now there’s no shadow of a doubt that she’s all female.

We’ve moved from the two ponies and now have just one (you’ll see in later blogs) and her nickname is “Pebbles” from the Flinstones. She’s a cutie 😉



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Moyo’s Blouberg – June 2010

Today we took the time to spend some time with Lindiwe (a lady from the HP N1 band) at Moyo’s. We were saying farewell to her as she is moving to Durban to be with her Fiancee and planning on staying there to get married.

It was great to have the girls with us and it turned out to be a lovely time with friends. Aislyn was thrilled to have her face painted and got a flower (her favourite) on her cheek. Iraina sat still for half of her flower and as you can see it’s a bit blurred on the bottom. Tim and I got paw prints on our cheeks.


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The food was great – can you believe it, you can get gormet boerewors rolls there. Tim had a crumbed mussel Gatsby – which he said wasn’t as great as the ones from Golden Dish.

Aislyn had a meal that was called Izinduku. It was two chicken drumsticks, a potato pattie and a mealie. For the first time in Aislyn’s whole life, she ate everything at this restaurant – normally, we would order safe things like chips or chicken wings, mac and cheese. But we’ve always taken a doggie bag for her. She polished everything – It great to see her enjoy it so much.



raina didn’t lose out either. She screamed for bread and so we let her gum a little piece and she thoroughly enjoyed it! We’ve got her this little gum sack thing that allows us to put food in a gauze sack (that has a handle) and she can gum at it without choking. So she had bread and ice.

I had just desert (as my mom would appreciate) It was the almond and nut ice cream topped with caramel sauce and the Koeksisters. Divine!

They’ve got the most amazing set up there. It’s on the big bay beach and is fully enclosed (especially in weather like we’re having). they’ve set up a deck with surf board benches at tables, over pools of water. I can’t wait until summer, because I am so going to go there and try that out.
[Iraina liked Stet’s head – so shiney ;)]

Lastly Tim was pulled into the festivities at Moyo. The staff danced to the world cup song by Shakira – Tim was pulled into dancing with them. I tried to get the video online but the format is out – Aislyn cried because it totally freaked her out that her dad left her alone.

After that we went home as Iraina was due to have supper and as it goes with littlies we had to go home.

It was a really great afternoon – hope to go there again sometime soon. (and it was affordable – we had small meals instead of the main courses, which were basically the same as big meals)