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Jenkins tradition 2013

A wonderful thing we do every year is make a short trip to Fishhoek to celebrate Michael Jenkins’ birthday. A great friend from Zimbabwe and an awesome family we enjoy seeing and spending time with (when we can) so we all know that when it’s his birthday, we will always be at their house -braaiing, catching up and making a trip to the beach. This year we weren’t able to go to the beach because it was a little colder than anticipated, but we absolutely enjoyed being together. Continue reading “Jenkins tradition 2013”

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Christmas Day 2013

Every Christmas Day since all four grand children have been in our “Smythe” clan, we have done one thing exactly the same every time. My dad puts on his Christmas cap and the kids out on reindeer antlers and listen to him telling the Christmas story. It’s such a special moment we share and I love that we get the same picture every year and can watch them grow up.
I don’t have any pics from previous years readily available, but this is what happened this year. I love their individuality and unique expressions.

20131228-223650.jpg Continue reading “Christmas Day 2013”