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Choices are choices!

Last night I watched an interview with a famous actress in it. There was something that she said that has really irritated me and also made me realise that I really stand by my decisions. She said this, “here’s one thing I feel God got wrong-women should be able to fall pregnant easier in their 40s and not when they’re 19. I’m a better mother, now that I’m over 40 and I have lived my life and now can enjoy my children…..”

Now what she said is all great for those who have followed the same path and are now struggling to fall pregnant because they “chose” their careers over a family and also couldn’t “find themselves” until they had lived an extra 20 years. I hope you can read the tone of what I’m saying. This irritates me so much because “everyone” has a choice! That is the ultimate gift God has given to us (besides Jesus Christ).

Now understand that I am not judging her point of view, but at the same time it frustrates me to hear these kind of statements. There are various factors that influence a persons choices. For example, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and be by the age of 8. One of those things was to be a mother-now if she had her way I would have had to wait another 30 years instead of 17 to have children. I made the choice to get married young. I had my first daughter at 25 and will enjoy the journey with her as a fresh, strong parent and friend until she decides to leave our nest and God willing I will have the joy of holding my grand children in my 50s. AND not only hold my grand children but run and play with them-I get the best of both worlds. Her point of view only enables the joy of enjoying her children. If her children only have their children at their age of 40, she will be 80 and won’t experience the joy of running and enjoying extended times of play with them. Yes there is technology to sustain your youth but at what cost.

Yes she may think that”God” got it wrong where as she should look in the mirror and look at what is really important in life-is it money? Is it really to attain a career and selfishly enjoy “your life”? Isn’t a life shared with others and most of all your spouse and children, the most important thing in life?

The question is, we all end in death right? And from a God fearing point of view, the only thing we can take from this life into eternity is people? So why not invest all that you are into those around you and most of all your children. I pray my children make great choices in their lives and I may not agree with a lot of them but I will be here to enjoy the journey with them and the generations that follow.

I still maintain that life is about choices-I just wish people wouldn’t blame God for theirs.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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