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Hello Number Three

About 6 weeks ago, on the weekend of Mother’s Day, we found out about number 3. We have been so excited because we have been talking about this little person for a year and a half now. We asked Aislyn and Iraina last year about what they would think about another little person joining our family. They have been praying for their sibling ever since and after a house move, the start of a new business and settling into our new life as a family working from home – we are so happy to be growing Baby Number Three!

This time around I’m going to maintain the pregnancy perspective and write what’s happening to my body to remind myself of this precious road of growing a baby.
I haven’t written down this part of pregnancy as honestly before and since it might be the last time around-I’m going to keep it raw and real.

Over the last 6 weeks it’s amazing how much my body changes. When we found out, I felt not symptoms except that my boobs were sore and growing. Then after I started taking my vitamins the nausea kicked in.
I don’t want to blame them, but it was a little bit of a coincidence that it was that way.

My sense of smell has heightened and become a bit irritating. The smell of raw meat has been nauseating. I have sucked it up and cooked as well as I can and eaten the “cooked” food but that’s been horrible and those that know me and how much I LOVE food will understand how painful this is. Everything I tried wasn’t working-tried the ginger beer, ginger sweets and anything the books said-then every now and then I have these moments of “revelation”. For instance, “why not try an apple? Or a banana?” And when I eat those, I have this overwhelming satisfaction and no nausea. I didn’t see it coming and many more of these moments have happened with only fruits and vegetables, no doubt, and everything I have tried has helped. Now in my “normal” state, I can’t stand bananas but this little person has done some dictating and I have been eating things I don’t normally eat and made me feel good and full.

Another part I conveniently forgot about is the feeling of my uterus expanding. There is no evidence of a pregnancy at the moment-except the “bloated belly” that I’m walking around with due to my digestion slowing down. The muscles around my womb are stretching and it feels uncomfortable sometimes. I’ve been gassy and sluggish and I can feel the food I’ve eaten move at a snails pace through my body and cause such strange sensation yet no true evidence of a problem is there. Needless to say, in as regular as the sunrise. The peeing is a bit annoying and is waking me up in the cold of night- I totally forgot about that part.

Now for 4 weeks I was feeling strange, uncomfortable and so tired I can’t explain it. There’s a part of me that always comes to a point of just wanting to know if everything is all ok and if all the discomfort is worth it. I like to mentally prepare myself for the long haul. So on 8 June 2014, we went to check on our little number 3 and we were all so excited to see that all is well and that all of the tiredness, nausea and unusual diet change is and always has been worth it.

Hello Number 3 – here’s to an adventurous 30 weeks.




I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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