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The Girls Art Exhibition – June 2014

Today was so special for the girls. We were able to go and see their art exhibited at the Tygerberg Art Centre, which they attend every Thursday with other homeschooled children. It’s great for them and they get to be with a teacher other than me and exercise their social skills with kids heir own age. Here’s their art and what they’ve completed over the first half of this year.


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Not a Spring Chicken anymore!

I spent the whole day just lying on the couch yesterday. I am slightly overwhelmed by how tired I am. I don’t remember feeling this way before-I guess the second time around I did have a toddler I was running after that helped. But every time Tim asks me how I’m feeling, it’s always the same thing-I feel like gravity is pulling me to the floor with and extra 60kgs weighing on my body. Continue reading “Not a Spring Chicken anymore!”