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Not a Spring Chicken anymore!

I spent the whole day just lying on the couch yesterday. I am slightly overwhelmed by how tired I am. I don’t remember feeling this way before-I guess the second time around I did have a toddler I was running after that helped. But every time Tim asks me how I’m feeling, it’s always the same thing-I feel like gravity is pulling me to the floor with and extra 60kgs weighing on my body.
He’s so sweet and reminds me every time that, “you’re not in your 20s anymore-remember you’re older and it’s harder on your body” I sigh and realise that he’s right, I’m not as young as I used to be and this is harder than before just because my body isn’t young and elastic as it used to be.

I honestly don’t know how women do this in their 40s, I think I would check in to a spa or hotel and just live here for 12 weeks while the nausea and fatigue overwhelms everything I do.

Another thing that never happened before is the urge to throw up. I have done this twice this time around, I never had this before. Brushing my teeth is such a delicate procedure as it cause the gag reflex and makes my stomach react and blurb-it comes out.

Like as I’m writing, I’ve had to go to the toilet and wait, just in case. Shjo! This is hectic-and I don’t like being out of control, but at the same time-it’s a good thing. It means baby is healthy (well that’s what I’m telling myself)

To sum it all up-I ain’t no spring chicken no more and this gets harder the older you get.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

One thought on “Not a Spring Chicken anymore!

  1. Shame my girl! I have done some research and a medical specialist in supplementing says you should be taking Phospholipids. It replaces what is absorbed from your brain to develop the baby’s brain. Thus the’porridge brain’ during pregnancy. Worth checking up on it.


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