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Ballet with Iraina

If you’re a parent of a little girl then you know how much pink or purple is introduced to your world. It’s amazing how they are naturally drawn to those colours. (Sometimes they change their minds but it’s mostly pink)
Well this world of dusty pink comes once a week to our house over this years schedule.

Iraina has been doing ballet for the last few months and it’s the only stage that the mommies are allowed to sit in and watch. I love watching her improve and even practice on her own at home. She’s a natural dancer and expressor of creativity.
Please remember she is only 4, so it’s not perfect but to a mother or father, when she skips and points in time and twirls like a little doll-your heart just melts and pride comes from this unknown place. (I think it’s the only “good” pride we’re allowed-in the correct amounts)
Anyway, here are some of her little ballet moments. Nothing major, just her in her class-I’ll add more in the new term.



I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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