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13 weeks and counting

Today marked the beginning of week 14. I am really tired of the nausea and am on the brink of taking medication for it. I must be honest, though-I am scared of taking the meds because in the back of my mind, with whatever decision I make when I’m pregnant, I’m always asking myself, “if I we as Eve and had no meds or doctors, what would have happened.?????!” It brings the perspective but at the same time I feel guilty for wanting to be comfortable?

It’s such a strange journey. I want the best for this little person but at the same time, I have obligations to full fill and they are dropping like flies. So if this phase doesn’t pass by the next instalment about this pregnancy, I might be writing about which drugs I’ve opted to use to cope through the day – sad but totally and desperately true.

Not going to measure this time round – will measure next week. Nothing much has changed so……… Sigh