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14 weeks and I think I can feel something

Today marks the 14th week in our little persons life. It’s been such a different journey to the girls. I’m still nauseous and dreading the effects of food. I have plodded along and eaten anyway and wading through the fatigue.

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Birthday tradition with the De Abreu’s

Today was One of my good friends’ birthday and for each of our birthdays we’re making a special effort to go out and do a “day” thing with us and the girls. Let it be know that it was an effort because waking up and being out of the house by 7:45am on a Saturday morning is “effort” for a sleep lover like myself.
Anyway, Iraina opted out today as she had a birthday party of her own but, Aislyn, Emma, Cristina and I had a great time enjoying the food, vibe and celebration at the Old Biscuit Mill, in Salt River Cape Town. It’s Cristina’s favourite thing to do-so that’s what we did. The girls had a blast and we had amazing food. Here’s pics from our day together.

For the first time ever, I felt it was a great opportunity for Aislyn to exercise her independence and purchase something completely on her own. Luckily the Mill wasn’t too full and we could keep an eye on Aislyn and Emma as they went. Here are the results of their endeavour. We were so proud!

Then we proceeded to walk around and look at stuff. The one lady behind the one stand we stopped at, she asks me, “you look a lot like Cezanne and Shaveh! Do you know them?” I was speechless! This chick (Tafadzwa) remembered me from high school! She was 2 years my senior and knew who I was. It was awesome!

After that moment we meandered along and just looked around. We were able to catch a great “selfie” moment which was fun! I love traditions like these. They’re to be remembered and treasured always.
Have to think through the next one.