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Morning sickness officially sucks!

I know this is meant to be a time of being grateful and enjoying pregnancy but man oh man am I really tired of this morning sickness thing. With the girls I was done at 13 and a half weeks, but this child seems to have a different road laid out for me. Continue reading “Morning sickness officially sucks!”

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Playing ball with Gran-D

Since my sister and I started having our children there has been one thing that I am so glad about and that is that my parents are still young and fresh enough to play with our children. Continue reading “Playing ball with Gran-D”

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Playing Tuck Shop with the girls

For this who know me you would know what “Friday” means in my house. From when they were 2 my children only get sweets or treats on a Friday (unless there’s a party or something special on the weekend-I do have a heart)
Anyway, this past Friday was like any other by I thought I would put a spin on how the girls got their quota of sweets. Due to it being holiday time and there was lots of time in the day to do nothing other than play, I suggested to Aislyn and Iraina that they make some money of their own and I would set up a tuck shop for them to come and purchase their sweets from my make shift “Tuck Shop”.

They absolutely loved the idea and so we all set about to making money, or a sign in my case, and start our little game of pay, purchase and enjoy.

Here’s some pics of our little shop.