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15 weeks and counting

So, week 15 and day 2 of that week hits and I suddenly realise that the nausea is gone! Yes! Praise Jesus, it’s gone. I was so glad that all I wanted to do a as eat……… But as iw as coming to choose food or snacks the realisation that my body was still in shock and could still reject it was a major let down. So I have cautiously moved into the next phase and enjoying the ability to eat and not feel like I’ve just eaten a metal pipe and feel the need to gag every ten minutes.

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Reward vs Just because we love you

As a parent there are so many scenarios that we have to face every day. Discipline is one of the biggest ones-especially in the early years. Navigating this road is no joke and we are doing our best to understand our children and guide them towards their dreams, goals and destinies.

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