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Dad felt a kick today – 20 weeks

We have been hectically busy planning and getting work done for an event that is coming up for Tim’s work and in and amongst all the activity our little Jude has grown quite quickly.


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First experience with Mumps

Iraina went to bed on Friday night (1.8.2014) with a sore ear. I checked with her and she said it wasn’t inside but behind her ear so I didn’t worry too much about it. Continue reading “First experience with Mumps”

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Losing teeth


Every day I look at this little girl of mine and I can’t believe how much she has grown and how quickly she’s changing. My baby is officially gone and my adolescent is on her way. With questions like, “what is life?” After I tell her that her dad is the only man in her life…… And straight after that, “what is freedom?” Shucks! My mind keeps spinning when she drops these genius moments on us but yet and the same time I am filled with pride with her thought process. Continue reading “Losing teeth”

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It’s a BOY!!!!

Over the last few months I’ve had a roller coaster of feelings, thoughts and anxiety. As I’ve written before, this journey has been so different from my previous 2 pregnancies. The nausea has been worse and the smell sensations have rocked my world and the fatigue has been overwhelming – I honestly thought it was because I was older because I didn’t want to set my “feelings” on anything to protect the development of our little person.

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