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It’s a BOY!!!!

Over the last few months I’ve had a roller coaster of feelings, thoughts and anxiety. As I’ve written before, this journey has been so different from my previous 2 pregnancies. The nausea has been worse and the smell sensations have rocked my world and the fatigue has been overwhelming – I honestly thought it was because I was older because I didn’t want to set my “feelings” on anything to protect the development of our little person.

So leading up to our ultra sound on Thursday (31 July 2014) there we’re many moments that left me in two minds about what we are expecting.
So many people said, “it’s time for a boy……” And then there were some that said, “it looks like you’re carrying a girl…..” I also had to make sure that Aislyn and Iraina had their own opinions about what they wanted and I had to make sure that they understood that our baby could be anything and they better be prepared.

Then Aislyn comes through one day with a note and says, “mom I was sitting and drawing and God whispered in my ear and I wrote it on this paper” I then proceed to open the paper and it says……..”baby boy”. I smile and take the note, immediately whisper to God, “You better have this one sorted or else you’ll have to deal with me and how I’m going to explain you talking to her!”

So I tell the girls to pray that our baby has it’s bottom showing to the front so that the doctor can see what it is because the doctor can’t use the scanner at the back of mommy’s tummy. So they prayed in their own way and I also talked to the baby and with our hearts all anxious and excited we went through to the gynae.

We all went in and the girls were great and sat really quietly. So I lie down and the cold gel is squirted on my tummy and as our Gynae is getting the paddle ready she asks what would we really like to see and I immediately said, “the sex of our baby” so the paddle touches my tummy and we immediately see this…….


Isn’t that awesome! Our little boy was so obedient and God really came through. Iraina was the only one that wasn’t happy because she wanted a little girl.

I sat down with her later and asked her if she was happy and she said, “no”. My heart dropped and so I asked,”why?” She said, “because I won’t have anyone to play with…..” Sniff sniff-so cute. I then tell her that that’s not true, she can still play with her little brother – her eyes light up and she says, “oh yay! He can be my boyfriend!” I laughed and told her that’s not appropriate and she rolls her eyes and says, “it’s pretend mom…” I realise and then say, “sweetheart, I think it will be better that he acts as your Prince Charming or a soldier and fights for you….” Her eyes grow wider and she says, “yes mom, and then he can kill the dinosaur who will be dad!” She hops up and skips away……. If only I could deal with my issues so quickly.

We told our families immediately and my parents were in Spain at the time and this is what they brought home for him.





I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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