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Cricket culture

Tim is showing his own signs of looking forward to having a boy. So much so that he has started teaching the girls how to play cricket. They absolutely love it and there’s no doubt that they’ll challenge the boys.
I absolutely love catching these moments that they make together.





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Christmas prep 2014

The girls and I have decided that we’re going to make memories together at home and make this Christmas fun even though I am waddling around.

So a few days ago we made our first batch of gingerbread cookies and the girls loved icing them. This is all in prep for our wonderful adventure of building a gingerbread house.
Here are pics of the girls in action.




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34 Weeks and counting

Today marks 8.5months in the road of growing Jude the dude. It’s been harder than any of the other two pregnancies-I think mainly due to the fact that he’s already so big. We weighed in at about 2.2kgs at the last scan and that was a week ago.
Our gynae predicts that he could be a 3.8kg baby at birth but calculation can be wrong and we’ll only know for sure once he’s here. Continue reading “34 Weeks and counting”

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Time with friends -Aislyn and Iraina’s journey

The girls had a tea party with their friend Gabi. It’s so great to see them making these memories.


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Picture memories over October 2014

We were on a video shoot and Tim caught our girls climbing a tree and posing up a storm





Then for my birthday we went to the Cape Town eye and got to ride in the biggest Ferris wheel Cape Town has. It was special to share this memory with my family.






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Nesting and “Jude the Dude”

We’re at the 31 week mark tomorrow and I can’t believe we’re starting to really count down to Jude’s arrival.
There are so many parts of this journey that you forget about. How exciting it all becomes and the last few months before your little human arrives.

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2 October 2014 – a first for Jude

We’re on an amazing holiday is Mauritius and making the most amazing memories. Sadly there’s a whole story with my parents that’s a whole post on it’s own. Heartbreaking.

Anyway, the reason why I’m posting this now is because I don’t want to forget. It’s the 2nd of October and with all the activity and amazing food we’ve been having, all I’ve been keeping track with Jude is that he’s moving and comfortable. Continue reading “2 October 2014 – a first for Jude”