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Cricket culture

Tim is showing his own signs of looking forward to having a boy. So much so that he has started teaching the girls how to play cricket. They absolutely love it and there’s no doubt that they’ll challenge the boys.
I absolutely love catching these moments that they make together.





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Christmas prep 2014

The girls and I have decided that we’re going to make memories together at home and make this Christmas fun even though I am waddling around.

So a few days ago we made our first batch of gingerbread cookies and the girls loved icing them. This is all in prep for our wonderful adventure of building a gingerbread house.
Here are pics of the girls in action.




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34 Weeks and counting

Today marks 8.5months in the road of growing Jude the dude. It’s been harder than any of the other two pregnancies-I think mainly due to the fact that he’s already so big. We weighed in at about 2.2kgs at the last scan and that was a week ago.
Our gynae predicts that he could be a 3.8kg baby at birth but calculation can be wrong and we’ll only know for sure once he’s here. Continue reading “34 Weeks and counting”