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Jude is here! 6:1:2015

Here’s the story of how Jude made his entrance into our wonderful family.

39 weeks was it for me. Jude was getting really heavy and I had done my bit to keep him in til January 2015. So for the last few days I have been trying everything to get him to move down and into position. We walked everywhere, I didn’t hold back on household chores and nothing seemed to quite stick.



Well, yesterday I went with my mom and dad on another walking spree and we walked access park (Kenilworth) flat. It was frustrating and harder done than written about. My Dad was laughing at me because I was getting frustrated and walking funny. My mother sympathised and suggested we take breaks but I plodded on with the goal set and determined not to get induced and have my little boy in the world sooner rather than later.

So during the course of the night when I went to the loo, there were the signs but I didn’t feel it was necessary to go in yet because there were no contractions and I thought rest was best for the long haul.

So this morning at 7am we decided to come in and check if anything is was happening. And as sure as anything-the Midwife (Sedika) check me and nothing but the evidence of a “show” was there. So she reported to Dr Hinz and due to my history, she wanted me to stay in and rather wait but we could walk around and get moving.


There was only one contraction that measured a mediocre 3 to show something was happening. So off Tim and I went – we drove to Howard Centre to grab some breakfast and came back to the hospital. We walked around and found as many stairs as we could (which weren’t many) and every so often there was a baby contraction that showed something was happening.

We reported back to the maternity ward when Dr Steffi Hinz came in and did her observation. This was just after 11 and she measured that I was a “floppy” 3 cm dilated. She said, I needed to be admitted because Iraina was also like this where it could happen quickly. She then headed off and said she’d see me at 5 after her work hours 😁

After she left, I walked the halls of the labour ward and chatted to the nursing staff whom I remembered from the last time I was in labour.
Tim was in the ward doing something on his phone and I walked. After about 30minutes, I started contracting every 4 minutes and they started getting stronger and stronger. Sedika monitored Jude and I and he was managing fine and showed no signs of dropping but the contractions were intense all of a sudden and I had to keep reminding myself, “this is what you wanted”…….

Sedika check me again and I was now 5cm dilated and rocking and rolling. All the pain was in the front of my belly so Tim couldn’t really help the same as he did with the girls. I didn’t feel the pull in my back at all, but all in my uterus and strong stretching across my lower abdomen.

After Sedika checked me I couldn’t walk around anymore because my belly had to be monitored and Jude’s heart rate as well. So we stayed in the labour room on the bed. I couldn’t believe how intense the contractions were becoming. All the way through I was messaging people and updating them on our progress and how we were doing – more as a distraction than anything.

The contractions were still three to four minutes apart and really strong now. Sedika was amazing and coached me through the breathing and how to hold my shoulders and not tense up as they were happening.

I jumped off the bed around 1:20 and I tried to use it to help Jude drop down. This was when my waters broke and it was an amazing feeling of relief. I couldn’t believe how much lighter I felt and yet at the same time I said to Sedika it’s going to be soon because the girls both came shortly after my waters broke. She then had to monitor Jude again now that the water was out. She waited a few minutes and all was well (he was a champion). At about 2 o’clock she checked me and Jude was still high up but we were 8cm now. She called Dr Steffi and couldn’t talk to her directly but relayed the message. She then started setting the room up with utensils and tools for post birth. I couldn’t believe we were that close already but at the same time I was like, “just a little slower because I’m so tired”. My legs were shaking in between each contraction and I thought it only happened after the birth, but it was because of the pain that my body was trying to cope.



At about 2:10, the contractions were wanting me to push and I couldn’t go for it yet because Dr Steffi wasn’t there yet and also Jude wasn’t low enough to push out. So Tim and Sedika helped me breathe through the contractions so that I wouldn’t hurt myself. To be honest, in my head I was panick get a bit because I didn’t think I would be able to control the pushing. The feeling was very similar to having diarrhoea but having to hold it in.

Dr Steffi walked in at this point and looked at me and I knew it was time. She asked if she could put her scrubs on quickly before I pushed and I was like, “yes, but you have like a minute”. She promptly left and another contraction hit and I had to breathe through again – by the harder part of Jude’s delivery. I was struggling to hold him back and while I was trying I could feel it wasn’t going to hold and said loudly (I didn’t shout) “he’s coming and I can’t stop him” Dr Steffi had come in during my rant and poor Tim and Sedika were trying to get me to stop and couldn’t, but I don’t know why but when Steffi said stop, I did and I tried to breathe. By now my body was doing its own thing and his head was coming out. Steffi had to ask me to slow down and instead of doing long strong breaths, to rather pant like a dog so that his head would come out slower. I tried and I did slow down but he kept coming so Steffi gently held him back a little and let him slowly come out.

Then I felt I nice pop down there and his head was out. Sedika told me to look and there he was. (I honestly could only see wet hair and immediately lay back because I knew it wasn’t over yet) Another contraction hit and I pushed his head and body out and then at 2:26pm he was here. He immediately started breathing, so much so be swallowed some fluid on his way out which wasn’t good but he was fine.

I don’t remember who put him on my chest, but there he was-covered in vernix, blood and amniotic fluid. He was mine and we were done! It was over. I couldn’t believe it. Our precious bundle of boy was here and he was ok, I was ok and our family feels complete. (If we adopt one day then that’s definite a God ordained moment and I will walk that through then) but biologically-our little unit is finished and whole.

He immediately calmed down and I just looked at him. The chord was still attached and we had to just wait for my body to get rid of the placenta. Once all the clamps were placed and the placenta did its thing I got Jude to latch and have his first few sucks.

We just lay there waiting for Sedika and Steffi to finish the rest of the procedures. I couldn’t believe he was out and that we were done. After about 20minutes Sedika took Jude off to be measured and weighed. After all of that I really wanted to know how much baby I was carrying around and pushed out. Here are his specs:

Weight : 3,350kgs
Length : 55,4cm
Head circ : 35,5cm



And with that Jude Austin Smythe Feder was brought into this world. I will never forget this day, just like I won’t forget how my girls were born. I am extremely grateful for all the prayers and messages that were prayed and sent to us. We truly felt supported and loved. (I must admit I was able to do a lot of messaging during the labour, to keep people updated)

The rest if for another entry and pics. Today we celebrate our son Jude and his speedy and perfect arrival.
Thank you Jesus!


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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