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6 weeks and what a ride!

Jude has been the most amazing of my three babies (in terms of sleeping well)
Aislyn and Iraina were a lot to get used to, but I think it was more my attitude towards them rather than them as babies.


This time round I’ve made the decision that I’m just going to enjoy whatever comes and go with the flow. I think this approach has really made a difference. I haven’t put him in a box or schedule and he’s making his own and fitting in with routine as it is.

We have had the most amazing sleep at night and I don’t feel as whacked as I thought I would. (Or in just used to lack of sleep from pregnancy and peeing more than normal) talking about pee-being pregnant made loo breaks 20seconds max-now I have an ocean for a bladder and takes a while to empty, it’s like I’m carrying a 2 litre bag around that gets emptied. Lol

The girls are complete awe of him and enjoy him a lot. They help where ever they can and really have helped me get everyday things done. (No hiding, it has been a lot more difficult getting them to listen for their normal chores and school-but I’m looking at the silver lining right now)

School has taken a back seat but extra murals have been on point every day.

Well, we’re 6 weeks into our journey with Jude and we had to go to the paediatrician. Jude is a champion and has gained great weight (which means moms milk is doing well 😁) he’s now 4.950kgs.

But the Paed heard a murmur in his heart when he was checking his chest. He has said there shouldn’t be any problems because he’s growing and healthy-but he wants to have a listen in four weeks time to see if it clears. As any normal mommy would feel-I kinda freaked out inside, but didn’t want my kids to catch on or anyone really, until I had chatted to Tim (my rock).

As usual after chatting to him, he’s like, “no need to freak out, do what doc says and wait four weeks and we go from there” sigh. (Love the guy) I must admit that I did pray a lot about it and just asked God to give me peace and heal up Jude’s heart. So, we wait……

What was re-assuring was chatting to Celeste (a doctor friend of mine) about it over the weekend and hearing her say, “naaaaa, that’s normal-it’ll be clear”.

So, after hearing that news at about 1:30 midday, we’re in the car on our way home (actually stopped for fuel and feeding Jude quickly) and Aislyn turns to me in a “I’m freaking out” voice and says, “MOM!! There’s a bug in my hair! LOOK!” I proceed to look at the end of her petite finger and see a lice (lous) kicking away. She flicks it off and I’m freaking out again inside and look on her head to see more wriggling away in her hair! WHAT!!! Where on earth did my kids get lice from??!?!?? I home school for crying out loud in a bucket!
I check Iraina’s hair and as sure as Bob-there’s the little critters doing their flesh eating dance on her head too! WHAT!??

I drive home in a state realising that for the first time in my whole entire life, I have to deal with LICE! I don’t know where they’ve come from and I don’t know how long they’ve been around……… AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I stop at the chemist and get what is “necessary” to treat my girls heads and when we get home, I suddenly realise-wait! Iraina has been itching on her head for weeks-they could be all over the place. I run to the bathroom and pull my hair apart and, what do you know! There’s lice in my hair too!!!
I’m on the brink of tears when I realise just how much hair I am going to have to comb through.

Oh wait, it gets worse!

I read the ONE box I’ve bought to treat their hair and it says, comb TWICE a day for THREE DAYS!!!! And thereafter wash and comb everyday for 2WEEKS!!! My Afro is 1.long, 2.THICK 3.I’m breastfeeding 4.I’m homeschooling!!!!!! That’s just me! Then there’s the 2 manes of hair I still had to do!

To be honest I didn’t know how I was going to do it at all! I considered shaving my head, one the girls heads and just down right giving up. But thank the living Lord for my mom who encouraged me to post pone school, focus on hair and just take it one step at a time.

And that, is how I have had to survive the last 2 weeks. I am going to comb the girls hair for the last time tomorrow and hopefully find nothing in it. The lice are easy, it’s those darn nits that just get smaller and smaller and harder and harder to find.

Like I said in the title, 6 weeks and what a ride 😬 how people do it without a support system, I honestly don’t know. Bless them Lord, for they are heroes!


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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