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Who is Tim and what’s a Ministry Entrepreneur?

Now that the week is starting to warm up, I reckon it’s time to look at what Tim actually does – what is a ministry entrepreneur anyway? Firstly, I made the term up to best describe my husband 😁 Many of you might not know, but Tim and I used to be pastors at a fairly large church in Cape Town and made the decision to leave “full time” church ministry in 2013 and do what we knew God was telling us to do-which was to start up a ministry called ‘Sounds of the Nations Cape Town’. Continue reading “Who is Tim and what’s a Ministry Entrepreneur?”

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I’m a wife, but not “that” kind of wife

“Yay! It’s Monday! Time to click restart and do what we do every week all over again. Can I get a whoop whoop?” This is what I tell myself every Sunday evening as I get all the kids school prep done and my mind into gear for the week. It’s like a psyche up that you do before you go into a race, or get onto a treadmill – you know there’s going to be aches, sweat and tears ahead, but it’s all good for you and makes you a better person. Right? Anyway, like I said I would – back to reminiscing about our journey together as a family….. Continue reading “I’m a wife, but not “that” kind of wife”

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Saturday’s aren’t what they used to be….

It’s only 12pm and I already feel like my Saturday has hit me in the face and run away. Gone are the days of sleeping in until 10 and having brunch at 11:30. Nope, we were up at the merry hour of 6 this morning and not just because our 2 year old was awake, but because we had to pack up and get to Aislyn’s first gala for the year. Shoo, guys, mornings are not my thang. It literally takes me about 3 hours to warm up and get my brain into gear. So I think that I was semi-present at the gala. Luckily I video taped her races to recap later.

Continue reading “Saturday’s aren’t what they used to be….”

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Feder Fun Fridays

So, after all the feel good reflection I thought it would be a great idea to use the end of the week as a day to look at what’s happening in our lives at the moment. As you know, we have 3 lovely, character building children. Aislyn, Iraina and Jude – and I AM that person that would take every personal opportunity to brag on my kids and their shining moments (and I probably will, ……. a lot…….. in fact all the time) but that would be completely unrealistic and I’d be living on some sort of drug to think that it’s always roses and fairies and worth shouting from the roof tops about.

img_1578 Continue reading “Feder Fun Fridays”

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Who gets a say?

Good morning world! It’s Thursday and that means I’m one more day closer to binge watching Masterchef Australia at my mom’s house, while she has her grandkid fix with my little troop (it’s my treat for the week and what keeps me balanced as a mom – thanks mom).


As I was wrapping up yesterdays post, I was so tempted to push through and write about what happened following the weeks after I made the move to be my Hubby‘s wing lady. You know, people can be so funny – shame – and I honestly think this marked a moment in my walk as a “leader’s wife”. Continue reading “Who gets a say?”

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When I became known as “Tim Feder’s wife”

190767_4884051321_9831_nAs the title might suggest, no I am not writing about our wedding day. If you want to know how that went, come over and watch the DVD with my girls – they’d love that 😀

Today I was thinking about where Tim and I started in ministry together and well- if you’ve ever asked the question, “where did you guys meet?” you’ll know the answer. Continue reading “When I became known as “Tim Feder’s wife””

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Might as well start with something


You know what? I’ve been wracking my brain on how to actually go about this thing now that somebody might actually read what I have to write. It’s amazing how the whole “people pleasing” thing just pops up and then there’s the wrestle between, “Do I do this for the people?” or “Do I do this for myself?”  Suddenly I stopped myself and kinda gave myself an imaginary slap across the face and said, “STOP IT! First things first”. Continue reading “Might as well start with something”

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Recharge to a dormant blog – Happy New Year 2017

Over the last few years, I have tried to keep our lives on record via blog and have failed dismally. I blame that on the growth of our little family and the increased “run around” in our schedule for two active young ladies and a busy little man. Continue reading “Recharge to a dormant blog – Happy New Year 2017”

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The 6 month hurdle

Over the last week I have had the time to think about how much I really don’t enjoy this exact season of a baby’s life and also this time of year. Let me explain,

Every time my children are at this age (6-8months) they are extremely needy and it’s all due to the fact that they want to be mobile but can’t yet and also I’m still learning to understand when they’re in pain or if they’re just throwing a tantrum. Obviously a baby one 🙂 Continue reading “The 6 month hurdle”

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Winter 2015

This has been the hardest winter I have ever been through in my whole life. I honestly haven’t had to deal with being so tired ever before and at the same time take care of a sick family and breastfeed a little hungry boy. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Continue reading “Winter 2015”