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Feder Fun Fridays

So, after all the feel good reflection I thought it would be a great idea to use the end of the week as a day to look at what’s happening in our lives at the moment. As you know, we have 3 lovely, character building children. Aislyn, Iraina and Jude – and I AM that person that would take every personal opportunity to brag on my kids and their shining moments (and I probably will, ……. a lot…….. in fact all the time) but that would be completely unrealistic and I’d be living on some sort of drug to think that it’s always roses and fairies and worth shouting from the roof tops about.


Aislyn is 9 going on 15 and it’s probably every pre-teen parents’ life story at the moment. There’s the challenging attitude, the dramatic responses and highs and lows of the transition into adolescence. While I was driving her to swimming this week, I look in the rear view mirror and this is what I see (and yes, I took a selfie at the traffic light because…… I just had to, the picture speaks for itself) img_1711

I didn’t ask her why she was reading her book like that, I honestly didn’t know how. So I just left her.

Then there’s Iraina, on one of the days we had dropped Aislyn off at swimming we (Iraina, Jude and myself) went to a park. This child is in constant role play at the moment. I don’t know what the jungle gym was in this moment but she got Jude to climb it with her and they were on some sort of adventure. I have constantly heard the phrase this week, “agh Mom, but we’re playing, please don’t make us do that” and yet they were just walking through the house????? She has given them all different names, including Jude. I don’t even bother to keep up.

Then there’s Jude, sigh (and I mean a heavy sigh, in the nicest way) The young man has just turned 2 and we are in the thick of it with tantrums and throwing his weight around. I’m not complaining, but this season of “battle of the wills” isn’t for the faint hearted, let me tell you. If you haven’t met him, the brother has moves and turns on the charm exactly when he knows he’s being disobedient. Maaaaaaaaaannnnn, shoo, I don’t know if it’s because I’m older than I was with the girls or if it’s because he’s a boy or both – but have mercy. He’s a great kid generally and trust me, it could be sooooooo much worse. But the boy has a way and I’m deliberately in denial about the “moms and their sons” thing.


Now that the kiddy feedback is done, Tim and I have a different dynamic to the average couple in that we don’t distinctly separate work and home – it’s our life and we breathe in between. He’s recently moved his office back home and is balancing Studio and ministry which is quite a shift in gear compared to last year, when he was full time at the studio. It’s different because last year we did 80% weekly suppers without Dad around, due to clients being booked in the evening – now the kids are loving having Dad home in the evenings. We try not to disturb him while he’s working during the day, everyone seems to get it except the little man – but we’ll slowly get there.

Well, that’s that – here’s to a great weekend with a Gala, Birthday party, Church and a Braai (and that’s just the family calendar – Tim has his own thing going in between all of that) I’m going to try and stay offline for the weekends, but if something awesome comes up – hey, I might just have a type session and record it.  




I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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