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Feder Kids update

I haven’t done this in a while and I just realized that because I’m with them everyday I’m constantly looking at them and watching them change and grow without taking note of it all. So here are the notes  Continue reading “Feder Kids update”

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Am I naive or is this reality? how I love my husband

Ok so the title is quite a big one to cover but I’m really in the mood to share a little bit of my experience and lessons learned over the years. Let’s get one thing straight-we as a couple we are no where near perfect (thank goodness for that or else why would we need Jesus, right?) and also we have a really long way to go. But, many husbands and wives out there can probably agree with me on the fact that once you say “I do” before God and witnesses, there’s a shift that happens – a click that Continue reading “Am I naive or is this reality? how I love my husband”

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When Dad gets home: getting back to normal

Yaaaaaay!! Tim’s back home. Ok, so this is only way I can describe the feeling. If you’re a driver you’ll relate and completely understand. So, pretend you’re driving at 120km/h (60m/h for my American friends – we’re driving stick shift here) on the highway and you’re limited to only being in 4th gear. The car is running, and it’s fine – but the engine is screaming at you. This is how I feel when Tim is away. Handling the kids, routine and running our lives – we’re going, but it takes strain on me emotionally and mentally. But, we’re going.  Continue reading “When Dad gets home: getting back to normal”

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Getting ready on a Sunday Morning: What’s different?

So, we’re a church going family. That means that every Sunday morning, we try to be disciplined to be awake and ready by 8:30am and in the car on our way to our family church. Now, when I honestly don’t know what it is – but when Tim (my husband) is home, we are scrambling to find our shoes, brush hair, pack snacks (for Jude) and dive into the car and this would all be happening around 8:55am. Continue reading “Getting ready on a Sunday Morning: What’s different?”

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One more sleep: How Jude misses his Dad

You know, I wrote about what it’s like to have my hubby leave and have to kick into gear of being strong and manage the home like a machine. As much as that doesn’t get old, it’s amazing how the feeling I have the day before he comes home – also never gets old. I can liken it to running a race, be it 400m to 20km (depending on how long the trip away is). That finish line is just 100m away and yet my legs feel like lead. What is also another amazing thing is learning how my children miss him in their own ways.  Continue reading “One more sleep: How Jude misses his Dad”

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“The Talk” with my kids : ‘Self respect’

You know having the sex talk isn’t an event in our home, it has become a lifestyle and culture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not constantly talking to my children about the birds and the bees. (LOL can you imagine a 2 year old trying to understand that conversation? haha, sorry, I just had a picture of Jude trying to understand that kind of “talk”) Anyway, as part of teaching our children about their sexuality and what it’s all about – I had to teach my girls from a very young age what the words “appropriate” and “inappropriate” meant. Continue reading ““The Talk” with my kids : ‘Self respect’”

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“Wife” / “Mom” who am I without those titles?

Whenever Tim travels, I find that I continuously ask myself the question – Who am I without him? and what am I going to do when the kids are grown? It’s honestly so easy to feel like I’m lost in this “wife”/”mom” thing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the fact that I feel like I won’t find me when the kids are bigger. Or that, all I am is “Tim’s wife”. (note the tone of how I’m saying that is with slumped shoulders)  Continue reading ““Wife” / “Mom” who am I without those titles?”

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How do I school 3 kids at the same time?

With the kids extra murals, I often get into conversations with people about which school they go to and what grade they’re in. The moment I answer with homeschooling, a whole string of very similar questions follows. This is one of the main ones, and I figured, HEY! It’s Wednesday so why not make a little vid to show you a tiny snip out of our day. 

Hope you like it

How I homeschool 3 little people

Just after we finished the vid, the two little ones joined us in the room 

Too cute how they play together

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Fear can be such a funny thing

When you get married, it’s amazing how much of your life becomes snuggled into the knowledge of another being – being around. No matter what the reason is for us being apart, I always find it strange that the bed feels really empty and massive. The house just seems just that much more quiet. Every noise I hear is suddenly the loudest threat. It never gets old.  Continue reading “Fear can be such a funny thing”

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I changed my first car Tyre!

Mondays are what Mondays are – right? they’re like wading through mud and trying to stay motivated while doing it. Well, my Monday was amped up by me changing my very first tyre. Yes, at the tender age of 34, I have officially changed my very first tyre. I honestly have always wanted to do it, but every time there has always been a man around that obligingly swoops in and does the job for me. Continue reading “I changed my first car Tyre!”