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When the craving shouts above the healthy noise

I think that I eat a pretty balanced diet. I love my carbs, but know that I should eat them before midday so that my precious stomach can digest them without leaving me with a food baby for days. (Sucking in just gets too tiring) So because of this we’ve tried to keep our diet with more protein and veggies or fruit in the evenings. (The kids get one basic carb just to bulk up the meal) Anyway, let’s move away from what we try to eat and focus on the female psychi and body shall we. 

So, as the average girl will relate-food is in a lot of what we think about, whether it’s for yourself, for your family or for entertainment purposes it’s on your mind at least twice a day. 

Now if you know me personally, you’ll know that this chick over here, in the mirror that I look into – LOVES food a lot. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not like a high metabolic rat that constantly eats every opportunity….. well, those were my teen years, but when there is an opportunity to enjoy great food-I enjoy it to my body’s content because hey! We only have one life to live and so let’s enjoy the good stuff. Right?

So that being said-I’m well aware that I’m not a spring chicken 15year old that can reach for anything I want and when I want. I’ve recently realized (about 2months now) that this mommy bod is catching up with me. So as much as I put in I need, wait-scratch that! Not need, but HAVE TO exercise to balance the ratio of input versus output. 

I count my blessings in that I don’t have any physical chemical issues, psychological trauma from my past or addictions that could have potentially haunted me and that I know haunt many every minute of every day. I’m also extremely grateful for my family up bringing which was a clean balance of food, fun and exercise. My folks are machines people! Like you will not understand – I know that if I want to look anywhere near as good as they do at their age – I’m going to have to put in the disciplined sessions if I want the same results. They were never drill sergeants about it, they honestly have just led by example. 

So, with that in mind – I sometimes have those moments when a craving will hit and it literally takes over my thoughts and basic plans until the itch is scratched. Today was one of those days – I honestly think it’s my body’s way of expressing it’s needs (right? That’s what I keep telling myself to justify the moment) back to today, I was making our supper early and it was sweet and sour chicken. The smell made me immediately want,…….. neeeeeeed spiced chicken wings from somewhere. So while driving Aislyn to swimming I was plotting in my head where I could find something cheap that would quench this spicey thirst. Spur? Naaaa too expensive and I’ll wait forever. Nando’s? Nope- not the kind of spicey I’m looking for. Aaaaaah, cheap and right there KFC. I drive up to the drive through, look at the menu and immediately reverse – nope, too expensive for a small itch and besides-I can go to pick and pay and score some milk, potatoes and smart shopper points. Aaaaah

So I get some deep fried chicken wings from the deli, some milk, a steri stumpy and the potatoes (all within budget), then exit satisfied that my craving ended in a 2 for one shopping bonus spree.
As is tradition, I sit outside Aislyn’s lesson in the car but this time I’m munching through little chicken wings that immediately quench my need for a chicken wing.

So my point being, sometimes I have found that in the midst of all of the healthy choices I make 80-90% of the time – when a craving shouts louder, I just give in so I can silence it and move on with my day. But as you have read, my sub conscience is sitting in the corner with a big stick saying……… you know that’s gonna require some extra steam in the gym tomorrow……… I wave my hand at her and say, “ya ya, ok. Remind me tomorrow” 


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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