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Tanking up

Ok! so imagine me jumping into your space right now and shouting, “HEY!!! IT’S MONDAY BABY!!” leaning over your shoulder and asking, “So, what did you do to get ready for this week?” (if you’re slightly annoyed, that’s what I was going for – like bubble gum, super enthusiastic, energetic, in your face kinda like a cheerleader from your typical “high school musical” vibe) anyway, That’s what my sub conscience does to me every so now and again. It’s in this moment that I normally feel like my feet have lead in them and I’m wading through mud to get to the other side of my mental flick flacks for the coming challenges.

So, what do I do? I like to call it, “Tanking up”. Now, I proudly love Jesus and talk to Him and spend time with Him throughout my day. (for other beliefs, I can liken it to “being in tune with the universe” – that’s the language I think people use outside of the “Jesus believing” circle) so, when I feel like there’s lead in my veins I know that I need to tank up to be able to push through into the next activities and kind of feel recharged. Understandably, tanking up your spirit is a case of quieting myself and getting into the Bible but this is a list of things I like to do to pump up my soul.

Turn up the tunes
This may sound like something really simple, but music has the power to shift an atmosphere in your body and brain and it’s actually phenomenal how it works. You just have to become aware of how it affects you specifically. Depending on what kind of “pump” I need – it can go from gentle relaxing music to pop dance music. Give or take 10-15 minutes, it’s enough to shift how I’m feeling.

Listen to something motivational
For me this would be a podcast of sorts. I particularly enjoy sermons from and just go about whatever duties or responsibilities I have with good teaching going through my heart and brain.

Create something
I have a go to crochet bag, with scraps of wool and various sizes of knitting needles and hooks. I may have a project I’m slowly working through or I could just randomly make something useless or practical. But the whole outlet of making something tends to just bring things into perspective and bring some much needed balance to my “lead weighted” life.

Read something character building
You know, it’s easy to just plonk into something juicy but if I’m intentionally wanting to motivate myself into being solid for the hurdles ahead then I need to “pump” myself up with knowledge of some kind. I don’t always go to this option but if I do, then it’ll be a parenting book, be a better wife kinda book, homeschooling tips and so on.

Exercise somehow
This one tends to be a harder one to just ‘muster up’ in the middle of a weekend or busy day – so I tend to have to schedule this puppy in to make sure that my endorphin hit for the day/week is in. If I haven’t then I’ll take an opportunity to race wherever we are with my kid (note 1 kid – NOT all 3 – that’s just asking for drama), or see how fast I can walk between the aisles pushing a trolley…… (what can I say, a mom has to be creative) I’ve found that if I don’t get it in then it’s just a little harder to be “more” for my hubby, kids and social life.

This is the head space that I’m in and I thought it would be worth the share. This list I’ve put down is my list and I know that every one has a unique list – it’s just a case of getting to know yourself and finding what makes you healthily recharge and doing that whenever is possible.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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