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The Love Fog

So the day of ‘love’ came and went in our household like a thief in the night. It did what it needed to do and then left abruptly with an imprint on our lives forever. I’d love to say that we make a big fuss about holidays like Valentines day, but we don’t. Well, let me not be that abrupt – let’s say we don’t make the fuss. We aren’t anti-celebrating – but to be quite honest, I think we’re still in ‘the fog’ of baby/toddler. So an extra hug and a kiss with an exchange of something sweet is perfect for where we are at in our present state.

We know that when the Jude is older (I almost typed kids, then realised that Aislyn is like 9 years old already #faceinhand) – so give or take another year or two – then those weekends away will become an option again and dreamy dinner picnics alone  in our yard without the shadow of a nappy change will be within our reach.

Yes, I hear you saying – but you should make an effort to make the time (or is that my sub conscience again?) I’d love to say that I would gladly make the time and prioritise this aspect of who we are, but – I’m going to be extremely blunt and help you understand that we are the kind of couple that absolutely love a good date night and would love to be able to say it’s on our weekly schedule – but we can’t! Due to the fact that we are still WASTED from lack of sleep, running around with kids, running a ministry and business and surviving on coffee and sugar.

I like to call this stage of parenting and a marriage relationship “the fog”. There is a season between having a baby and when the child is potty trained, sleeping/eating and talking fairly consistently – that one starts to feel normal again. You start to smell the roses, as you are now able to slowly walk past the rose bush and admire it without preventing your little one from eating it, scratching themselves or breaking the beautiful rose bud off of the top.

We are in a time where, sitting together on our bed chatting with our favourite hot drink every night before slouching down into precious “broken” sleep – this my friends, is a time to be cherished and enjoyed for it will be gone forever. Once the last born is of age, we can resume our love cultivation like star struck 30 somethings again.

aaah, sigh……..

I keep telling myself that, to help keep the light at the end of “the fog” tunnel.

So with this all said, we wake up this morning to the giggles and squeals of two girls that have woken up early and with no budget at all (because it’s consistently spent on sweets for their enjoyment on a Thursday) They proceed to present us with the most precious gifts any mother will cherish forever (I don’t know about Tim- but I love mine) Here they are – Their “cute” spelling is a reflection of what we are currently working hard at with Aislyn. Give her maths any day – but spelling is a bit of a dig for her – but she’ll get it (that’s me encouraging my inner teacher) 

Hope you all had a special day celebrating those you love.



I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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