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A reason why I had my kids when I did

There are so many decisions we make through our lives that affect our futures – how we educate ourselves, which friends we choose, who we choose to love, what career we follow, where we live, what food we eat, whether to exercise or not, when we get married and when to have children – the list is endless, but the ones I’ve mentioned above are some of the bigger ones and also everyday decisions we make. 

Well, today I was reminded of one decision I made (obviously with my hubby) and that was to have children fairly young. I say fairly because I wasn’t 19, which wouldn’t have fit my life map – I was 25 when we were blessed with our first baby. In this day and age I often see interviews or articles about waiting until you’re in your thirties or even your early forties. These articles mainly are around famous people and career driven types – which is great for them, but I distinctly remember wanting kids young. We were blessed in that it didn’t come with any challenges, as I understand so many have had to deal with – that have wanted the same as we have.

But here’s my reason why.

I have great parents, they are invested in who we are as individuals and want the world for us. They are firm, very strict compared to most and disciplined, yet at the same time have given us the freedoms to find who we are and make mistakes and have caught us when we have tripped up. But one thing I have enjoyed and what influenced my decision to have kids at the age I did, is that they are youthful and energetic and young enough to romp and play with my kids without worrying about losing their breath or being inappropriate. 

I sat this afternoon and watched my mom jump on the trampoline like a 25 year old and smiled wide because my kids get to enjoy their grandparents in a way not many can. They have run races and have had to “let the kids win”. They are able to play twister and do horsie rides around the lounge, cartwheels on the lawn and climb the jungle gym in the park. All of this and not have to deal with the discipline issues, or tantrums – they just hand them back to us #livinggthegrandlife

So, I am so glad that I can look forward to enjoying my grandkids (hopefully my kids will have them fairly young too) and keep myself as healthy as God will allow to enjoy my grandchildren to the max and be able to play to my hearts content and hand them right back to their parents then take a nap. 

This is a decision I’m glad I made as well as also not being too far away from my kids generation to be able to relate to them in conversation – holding thumbs and praying this sticks, the teen years are looming and only God knows how that’s going to go #Aislynisapreteen 



I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

4 thoughts on “A reason why I had my kids when I did

  1. Yesss – you have a benefit of playing with your kids and being goofy 🙂 It don’t matter what age you are when you start having kids, as long as you enjoy motherhood and be the best you can be. Just be you. Nice post.


  2. I think the thing is, different things happen in different lives and sometimes you don’t have a choice. Sometimes you only meet your husband later. Sometimes you have to go through five years of infertility.


    1. I totally agree. Everybody’s life map is intricately different and no ‘one’ is better than the other. My heart breaks with my friends who have struggled for years to have kids and are still waiting-but we celebrate each other’s stories with every high and the teary, hard lows.

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