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I changed my first car Tyre!

Mondays are what Mondays are – right? they’re like wading through mud and trying to stay motivated while doing it. Well, my Monday was amped up by me changing my very first tyre. Yes, at the tender age of 34, I have officially changed my very first tyre. I honestly have always wanted to do it, but every time there has always been a man around that obligingly swoops in and does the job for me.

I must admit, that I couldn’t have asked for better circumstances. I had just finished with my sons swimming lessons and as we were packing up the car, I immediately notice the flat. My hearts sinks, but at the same time leaps when I realise, “HEY! I get to do this one. let’s see if we can get it right without having to call a boy for help” #biggrin

I breathe in, check to make sure that my children are not in any form of danger – should they decide to jump out and run around. (my girls always come with me and do some of their school work while Jude has his lesson – this time Iraina had completely finished hers before we had even left the house and so had her tablet with her with a movie loaded.) I realise, they have a digital device to keep them all occupied while I patiently work through changing this tyre.

So, I get the spare out (which turns out to be a marie biscuit effort) then I get the jack and assemble the spanner handle and start to lift the car – only to realise that you have to put the jack in a certain spot in order to lift or else you’ll completely damage the fibre glass finishing on the car. Once, I’d figured that out – I then try to turn the nuts……. LESSON #1 don’t try to turn the nuts when the wheel is in the air – the wheel will completely turn with your efforts. Face palm.

I lower the car, and then resume un screwing the nuts. By now I feel like I’ve got it together. ummmmmm not quite. I am not Thor or Hulk and so the nuts weren’t budging. I was like – “how am I supposed to do this without a boy?” have a look around and there’s no man in sight. So, much to my dismay (or should I rather say, knocked ego and pride) – I message my hubby and tell him the story.

I can immediately see he’s kicked into “fix it” mode and asks all the necessary questions – even the one, “is there a guy around that can help” lol. I say no, and then as I’m messaging I have a brain wave! what about using my body weight on this thing. So, I proceed to unscrew the nuts using my body weight (at the same time Tim has messaged to say that I’ll need to kick the spanner to unscrew the nuts – right! kick with my sandals on. nope, not going to happen) 

So I stand and bounce on the thing. 

IT WORKS!!! I unscrew all the nuts and then proceed to change the tyre. I honestly felt super human after I did it. Realising, half way through that I’m wearing a white top with no tap around to wash my hands…….. (the parking area is a walk about from the lesson) 

All in all, I did it! I can officially say – I, Shaveh Feder, have changed my own tyre without any other human physical help. (there was a gentleman that stopped to ask, but I was bent on doing it myself – plus I was almost finished anyway #superwomanpose) 


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

4 thoughts on “I changed my first car Tyre!

    1. Thanks so much Melissa. I tend to find that if I attack something daunting like an adventure – I deal with it a lot better, no matter what outfit I’m in 😀


  1. You have noooooo idea how AWESome & inspiring you are for doing this! #MadLove & #MadRespect
    Never in my life have I seen a woman do that, my mom & sis would never in a million years even think about trying that.
    You rock! love this post!


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