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Feder Kids update

I haven’t done this in a while and I just realized that because I’m with them everyday I’m constantly looking at them and watching them change and grow without taking note of it all. So here are the notes  Continue reading “Feder Kids update”

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Am I naive or is this reality? how I love my husband

Ok so the title is quite a big one to cover but I’m really in the mood to share a little bit of my experience and lessons learned over the years. Let’s get one thing straight-we as a couple we are no where near perfect (thank goodness for that or else why would we need Jesus, right?) and also we have a really long way to go. But, many husbands and wives out there can probably agree with me on the fact that once you say “I do” before God and witnesses, there’s a shift that happens – a click that Continue reading “Am I naive or is this reality? how I love my husband”