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Feder Kids update

I haven’t done this in a while and I just realized that because I’m with them everyday I’m constantly looking at them and watching them change and grow without taking note of it all. So here are the notes 

Aislyn- guys! All I can say is shoo! There is a teenager being born here and the labour is long. I can see her starting to wrestle with her own opinions against those that we have instilled in her. It’s the most amazing thing to watch and yet the most agonizingly, frustrating thing to coach/parent. Her level of responsibility has kicked up a gear and with that the power of being ‘older’ and what that means. She’s driven, expressive, emotional, compassionate, aloof, absolutely gorgeous, motivated to do what she desires to do, curious, reasonable yet stubborn, caring, intelligent, reserved……… and the list could go on. She’s starting to grow in this cocoon of being a ‘preteen’. And wow! I’m starting to feel the urge to tighten my hold around her, yet I know that is not what she’s going to need once she emerges out of that cocoon. She’s whimsical about boys and who she ‘likes’ and all I can say is-I’m so glad she’s telling me about who’s the latest and why she almost ‘died’ when ‘he’ said her name (even though it was wrong-but, Mom! He said my name😍)  I can also see there’s a rift starting to show between her and Iraina. It isn’t massive, but it pops up every so now and again when it comes to certain conversations or environments. It will close again, but it’s sad to watch that happen as well. 

What’s this pic for, mom? I’m in my gown, ugh

Iraina. Ahhh, our sweet, beautiful Iraina. Over the last few months she has unleashed the land of make believe in our home. There is constant role playing happening and creations around the house. I love watching her because she’s like a living breathing story book character that is in constant adventure. If she isn’t flying her teddies to a far off land in the passage, then she hiding from secret spies behind Jude’s cot. She is what a child should be-playing and making things up to tell a story through her day. She climbs trees, creates houses and tents around the house, tries to bake cakes in the back yard by using the sun. She is endearing towards her little brother and they have started playing in her little world together. The noise they are able to conjure up together is LOUD but exactly what you want in a home with children in it. (Ok I do shut them up when it gets a bit much). She still has her body clock set to 6:00am, and we are currently trying to stretch it to 6:30. We have had the occasional 7:00 waking, but they are few and far between. About a week ago (20 Feb I think) I woke up to the distant sounds of a recorder being played. I looked at my clock and it was 6:45am. The sweet child had closed the doors from our rooms to the est of the house and had tried to sound proof her practice session. But unfortunately failed to realize that our windows are open and the school room (where she was practicing) is directly opposite where we sleep. Shame, she was rating to get ahead with her school work and thought she could do it quietly. Much to my dismay we were awake and she could tick off her 15min practice for the day 😂 since Aislyn is going through her on and off pre teen stage, the moments when the distance is in action, Iraina has really struggled with it. She can’t understand why her sister doesn’t want to be with her and why she sometimes doesn’t want to play ‘her’ games. So there’s a lot of encouagement going on and that’s ok. We’ve also just realisd that she would really like to do dancing, ballet specifically. I have had a sense that that is where she should be headed, but only this last week has she expressed a desire to do it. So we’re on the search for a school for her to transition from swimming to ballet. 

Iraina’s Teddy airline

Jude. Our big strong boy! Honestly I think that there has been some sort of testosterone burst over the last few weeks. There’s been a lot of sound effects and hard hitting games. It’s funny to watch because he’s our boy and the girls never did these things. I often have to pull myself back from stopping him because there are certain things that he needs to push and pull and hit and dig and mess. Everything within me often wants to stop him and say, “not too fast! Or, don’t jump that high! Or, if you hit it like that it’ll break!” Of course we’re teaching him stewardship, but if it’s a balloon and he’s constantly trying to get it to do things it shouldn’t – I say let the big pop happen and he’ll learn not to do it again. He’s not talking as much as the girls did at his age, but boy is it cute to watch his sign language and how he gets his message across. Over the last week he’s been getting more and more confident to try new words. He tries them and gets them right, but doesn’t connect the dots to what the word is for. So slowly does it and we’ll get there. 

If you dare say the word ‘swim’ in front of him, he will drop everything (even his ice cream) and try and find his swim cap and arm bands. He absolutely loves to swim, and he’s doing really well with it. I’ve also had to increase his disciplinary action and there have been a lot more visits to the bathroom (not as many as the girls but then again, I was really on top of them for that one). But he is a gentle natured boy and understands a lot more than he can communicate, which makes discipline a lot easier and we are all enjoying him so much. 

Lastly, something I’ve noticed lately is that if he gets frustrated or is upset and bursts into tears, he has a fat cry and loudly-then after I explain why he can’t have his way or a better option to what he’s wanting-he stops, realizes he’s crying and starts to hit the tears away-it’s so cute. It’s almost like he’s not wanting anyone to see that he was crying and that he’s a “big boy”. Which is so interesting because no one taught him that and I’m all for expressing your emotion-but obviously the embarrassment of being caught in the teary act, has him trying to be something he’s made up in his head. 

Hmmmmmm, someone found a tub of cream
His attempt at school
Doing what boys love to do


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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