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Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina about homeschool

Ok, so I’m typing this ahead of time because I honestly have no idea what these two are going to video for you. It was so awesome to get a few questions in response to our ‘flavoured’ video of homeschoolers having friends. So I thought in response I would write it out and then give the brief version on video. Upfront, please understand that we are not a well oiled machine and that what I am about to describe to you is a “perfect” day in our ever changing little lives. 

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“The talk” with my kids: setting a clear point of view

It’s amazing how long our road has been up to the point we are currently at. When I start telling you about the conversations I’m having with my, now, 9year old and 7 year old-I think many of you would be, “ooooo no, that’s a little too young for those conversations”. And that’s ok, because each child is completely different in their curiosity and also their innocense levels.  Continue reading ““The talk” with my kids: setting a clear point of view”