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Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina about homeschool

Ok, so I’m typing this ahead of time because I honestly have no idea what these two are going to video for you. It was so awesome to get a few questions in response to our ‘flavoured’ video of homeschoolers having friends. So I thought in response I would write it out and then give the brief version on video. Upfront, please understand that we are not a well oiled machine and that what I am about to describe to you is a “perfect” day in our ever changing little lives. 

What are our homeschool hours? Well, sitting down to do work is dependent on the age and concentration of the child, so at the moment we ideally like to start around 8:30-9:00. We will hammer out all of the necessary items on the list – these being individual devotions, maths, spelling, phonics, timestables, handwriting, English and reading. This list is my non negotiables. The gravy comes after that and normally when I will sit with each child separately to hammer at the things they’re struggling to ‘get’. I normally sit with Iraina more for maths and English, because she is still in foundation phase. But Aislyn sits with me when she isn’t grasping something, and that’s about twice a weeks now. There after the gravy bits would be science and history. My girls love their science so they try to get to these as often as they can. By now, Iraina would have sat for an hour and Aislyn would normally need about 3 hours on a really bad day. But if she’s clocking it, then 2 and a half hours is good. Then we chat through what they’ve learned to make sure it has stuck and then we do the gravy bits. I do separate science with them because then it’s age appropriate and they can enjoy it as individual time with me. This is when a lot of tag teaming happens with Jude because by now he’s wanting a lot more attention and as much as he can play on his own, there seems to be a window between 10:30 and 12, that he just craves company-which works well in hind sight. Then when Jude is napping at 12, we do a little history together, finish up any reading and then they get to make lunch and then we’re done.

So all in all, on a good day we will start at about 9:00 and be completely done by 12:00. With a snack break and interruptions from Jude. What I’ve found works and cuts out a chunk of the morning is doing story time at night when they’re all lying in bed. They all share a room-I’ll explain another time-but it helps as down time and they unwind with good imagery to fall asleep to – plus Jude is getting something as well.

But on a bad day, we will only start at 9:30, and then hustle our way through until 3. This is when there are lots of slouchy moments at their desks, they’re moaning, I’m tired and drained – they’re tired and the topic isn’t interesting enough for them.  These are the days that if you were a fly on my wall, the peaceful calm mom you’re all imagining-is sitting outside by the gate and the raving Banshee has taken over and it gets loud, with me screaming and the kids are in tears and hardly any work is getting done. That’s when we pack it up and admit defeat and take a break from each other. Ain’t no one got time that! As they’ve gotten older there are less of those days and I’ve learnt which battle to fight and how to fight them. 

As I said before, this is the “perfect” day – my girls will probably describe another day in the week and you’ll most likely have a good giggle and that’s good. Enjoy 


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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