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9 Families share their homeschooling environments

So, as promised-last week we tried to answer a few questions about homeschooling and how we got to where we are with our material displays and stuff. Well, I did what I thought would be a good idea and I got a few friends to send me their environments and how they set up for their schooling day. I’ll write a little blurb about the number of kids, basically how old they are and where they enjoy working. I’m not putting names in to protect them as children 👍🏽;


There are four little people being educated here. 11, 9, 4 & 2. I know this family enjoy camping and being outdoors when they can. The little ones are still really busy-but get the little they need done. The older two are fairly hands free but need focus time as well. What is up on their walls is due to the thrifty nature of this mommy – she knows how to work a penny and make it amazing. They’ll focus most of their time in this room and then spread around the house.


This family have 2 children. 13 & 9. This Mom deliberately left her table the way it looks on most days, just to show that we aren’t perfectly set up. These two are older and don’t need as much stimulus up around the room. Their 9 year old daughter is doing her school work at the kitchen counter in the pic, while her brother is doing his reading and learning on the couch. They have an allocated room for their schooling but also spread out depending on the day and how they feel.


This family have two littlies that are 7 & 5 (I might be wrong). They’re a pretty structured family but have told me that they will do their school inside if it’s cold, but if it’s sunny and warm, they’re showing us he table they like to use outside and the environment outside as well. Out doors is their thing.


This family have 4 cherubs and one on the way (amazing). Their ages are 9, 7, 4, 1 and baking at 21weeks. They have one desk space for focused work like handwriting and written work, they also spread to the dining room table-but from the second pic, she takes a chair outside and they do lots of reading and learning outside.


This family is rocking it with 4 kids as well.10, 9, 7 & 5. Their son isn’t in the pic. This family are signed up to a homeschooling curriculum and service called A.C.E. So it’s structured ad aimed at teaching your kids at home with the intention of possibly intergrating them into school. So books get packed away and pulled out when needed.


This is a family that runs their own business and so school between home and their studio. It’s amazing. So they have a very mobile set up. Their oldest is in school, he’s 16, and the younger two are 9 & 7. So the pictures you see is of their set up at home and how she’s able to put it into boxes and take it with them in their car and when they’re on the road. Obviously with their home being thier base.


This family have older kids and have been doing home educating since they were teeny tiny – their son was in pre school for a year for a little extra stimulation and  boy play. Their ages are 16, 13 and 10. The 13 year old is the son, and their mom used to be a pre-school teacher but decided to home educate her tribe and hasn’t gone back since. Their stations are in their rooms and are neat and clean as high school is a lot more structured.


This family have been an inspiration because they’ve home educated up until High school level and give their children the option to integrate into school. The older 2 went into high school, and their oldest is in her first year of university studying BCOM law (hope I’m right BraveBecca) Their ages are 18, 16, 11&9.

This is their current school room. They did have a separate room for a season but needed that space for something else. For a season kids sat next to each other at kitchen counter especially when younger one could not read yet – and older ones liked to help read the maths instructions.

Now they use the dining room table except if one chooses to use big brothers desk while doing focused work. They use a plastic box for each child’s school workbooks and pencil cases. Story and history reading always happens on a couch or picnic mat outside.


Well, this is us. My kids are 9, 7 & 2. We did the whole working around the house thing and it was ok. But I came to realize that my girls actually enjoy being at a desk and having focus time, then moving to the couch and room for reading and talk time. So we have a room allocated to our schooling. 2 days in our week, the girls will pack their school bags and we’ll jet off to Jude’s swimming lesson and the girls are able to do their school work in the coaches office while he swims. When we go on holiday-you’ll see next week, we pack a few main subjects to keep the motor running and do a bit of school when we get bored on holiday. So, with that said – here’s our room.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

6 thoughts on “9 Families share their homeschooling environments

  1. Really nice seeing how other families set up and get their schooling done. I love the idea of going to sit outside, even on a picnic blanket, for reading. I think my little one would love that! Definitely going to give it a try. 🙂


    1. It is awesome, I love how everyone is so different. I’m hoping to share more about various curriculum approaches and styles. Will message you and get your point of view as well 😉

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  2. Nice – there’s actually more people like you out there! Seriously I never knew homeschooling was possible in SA. I thought only American travellers did that. Big ups to you.


    1. Thanks Melissa. It’s becoming a really big option now because of the various learning needs some kids have as well as many other reasons. It’s a community that is big enough for awesome support now. Plus the internet is great.


  3. Its so encouraging to see that the set up is done per each family’s individual needs. I’m so happy to see the different approaches, and I hooe it encourages other families who are considering homeschool but feel that their space circumstances are limiting. Sometimes I wish we had a schoolroom, but our setup works for us now. We do reading (mostly histiry and Read Alouds) and chatting at night on the couch just before bedtime.

    Thanks for sharing.

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