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We’ve been on holiday 2017

It’s been the strangest feeling being away on holiday. I didn’t have any data (on purpose) and there wasn’t any wifi. So after having such a great few weeks of blogging my heart away, I withdrew completely to prove I could detox from the unction to write and share our every day. 

Well it has been harder than I thought it would be, but I did it and now I’m back and here’s a few tidbits from our trip away. 

We went to sedgefield, and as much as it isn’t traveling far, it’s still 5 hours of kid fights, heat, loo stops, nappy changes, awkward naps with mouths open and movies saved on tablets. This is pretty much how we felt at the end of it (note the tablet tied to the back of the head rest on the left – lol) 

We settled in and immediately kicked into chill mode. The kids got to swim (on the first day), we enjoyed the amazing market that they have on a Saturday (I didn’t take pics-I decided to be present and in the moment) but thereafter it went slightly downhill. The weather changed and became droopy, and our little gentleman got a cold. So, tantrums increased and meds were administered and our Jude slept his day away. 

We had brought the girls lego along and what helps me kick into really great rest is doing brain dead organizing-so this was my one afternoon. (I say me because the girls started out with me but then gave up and left me to enjoy my colour blocking solitude) 

What I love most about holiday trips (which don’t even have to be expensive) is that we’ve always focused on spending good quality time with each other and the kids. What’s great about the girls now is that they’re both at a great age to actually engage and chat to, as well as do activities with each other that we would normally have to consider so many other factors. A great example on this trip was-the girls could go out on the water with Tim and my dad but Jude couldn’t go because there were no safety belts or seats that would actually keep him in since he’s not completely water safe yet. It was heart breaking to have him in a puddle of tears while the girls enjoyed the trip on the water.

Jude waiting for them to come back

As grandparents are, my Dad felt bad for the little guy and put him in a jacket anyway and just pushed the paddle boat out and parked it again. He was satisfied and at least we didn’t risk his life out on the open water. 

It was my Dads birthday during the week and Aislyn and I made him a cake. So Happy 60th birthday Dad!

There were other things we got up to, but to save you the long read through my diary-here’s a few more pics. There are others and I’ll add them on other posts since they’re on my moms phone and their camera. 

So after a week of sun, clouds, snotty noses, cake, food, memories made and rest, we are on our way home. Refreshed as well as we could be and praying for a safe trip home. Will get back into life and chat next week. 


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

7 thoughts on “We’ve been on holiday 2017

  1. I must say – I missed your blog posts. So happy that you were present during this holiday – totally worth it to take such a break. Sedgefield is a beautiful place – we stayed over during our honeymoon a few years ago. We drove from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth that time.


    1. Thanks Melissa. It’s a lovely quiet place to take a break and it has amazing beaches too. That’s a long drive! I’ve done it alone with kids once before and won’t do that again any time soon. But drove in one day 🙈 I’m glad to be back 💪🏽


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