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My ‘stuff’ vs Your ‘stuff’

It’s honestly one of the worst parts of my everyday life – battling in my mind about what I have and what other people have. The whole contentment thing. Now, wait – Please know that I am completely happy with where we’re at in life and I know the vision we have as a family and what God’s called us to do and be to each other and those around us. But I’m still human and walking one step at a time.  Continue reading “My ‘stuff’ vs Your ‘stuff’”

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Post Holiday blues

Ok, so I know it’s Monday and like 85% of the average South African family has taken the day off because of the public holiday tomorrow, but as a family we fall into that 15% that are back at work and doing our normal routine (well as normal as a flexible routine can be – especially given that extra murals are also on hold) anyway, so – you know that feeling you feel at the end of the weekend, as Monday is peeking it’s eyes over the horizon at you? Continue reading “Post Holiday blues”