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Friday morning snippet with the Feder’s 

Ok, it isn’t quite a whole Friday with us, but I decided to take a little snippet of our morning so that you can see what it’s like to start school at home. Continue reading “Friday morning snippet with the Feder’s “

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Being married to an “all in” kinda guy – it’s not what you think……

Every time I think about writing about being Tim’s wife and what we do, I honestly sit and have a debate about how much do I share and what do I keep private. You know? It’s this toss up between being too familiar and private or too much information or should I share a lot more? I have this debate because as much as I love to write and record what my thoughts are and what’s happening – it’s not just my life here, it’s Tims’, my kids and those closest to us. Continue reading “Being married to an “all in” kinda guy – it’s not what you think……”

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Hospital Happened – it wasn’t what we expected……

As you more than likely read, on Monday my husband went under General Anesthetic for the first time ever in his whole life. Ok, maybe you didn’t read that exactly, but I did summarize that he went into hospital and how that made me feel as his wife and mother of our children. Well, to say the least
Continue reading “Hospital Happened – it wasn’t what we expected……”

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Monday = Hubby in hospital 

Today, my hubby goes in for two procedures to be done in hospital. I honestly feel like I go kind of numb when I have to deal with any of my family members being ill. But I really kick into auto pilot when it’s Tim. Paper work needs to be sorted, medical aid needs to be aligned (thank goodness we have it, it would have been even more overwhelming without it – I applaud those that cope without it and brave the queues and financial implications without it). Kids need to be taken care of, I can’t lug them to the hospital with us Continue reading “Monday = Hubby in hospital “

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A weekend full of poop (literally)

When you think about a horrible weekend I would normally put a picture of my kids facedown in a bucket throwing up and poo flying everywhere – right?

Well, this past weekend (Easter Weekend, mind you) a weekend that’s meant to be filled with yummy things like hot crossed buns, pickled fish and lots and lots of chocolate………. scratch that and replace it with Continue reading “A weekend full of poop (literally)”

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#RockingMotherhood – putting the mirror up & having a good look 

This last school holiday week has been insane! I can’t even explain to you how much I have messed up, forgotten and apologized. It’s been unnerving and I felt like I was coming undone. Thus the pic-Jude crying, me tired 🤦🏽‍♀️. It was completely unlike me and the situations weren’t even that hectic, but it was still enough to leave me sitting in a pool of self pity, with cups of tea trying to pull myself towards myself. Continue reading “#RockingMotherhood – putting the mirror up & having a good look “

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Do Homeschoolers do tests? Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina

Recording this was actually quite funny because it completely exposed to the three of us how easy it is to get side tracked Continue reading “Do Homeschoolers do tests? Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina”

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The “talk” with my kids: self control

I’m writing this post on an evening after a day where the wheels came off more than once, for more than just one of us (my hand being up as well). It wasn’t the kind you’re thinking of, you know the whole losing my mind and shouting at every single child that crosses my path in my home . Continue reading “The “talk” with my kids: self control”

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I don’t want to “adult” today!

Growing up is something I longed to do from the age of about 3 or 4 until I was about 18/19 – maybe stretch it to about 22. But there comes a time when being a grown up isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. I remember playing house, arranging fake furniture in my “play play” house that I had made with one layer of bricks, that even had a passage with bedrooms and stuff. Guys, I was hard core – there were even doors (that were just openings) and you couldn’t just walk over the bricks, I had to go through the doors of my architectural drawing type house. Continue reading “I don’t want to “adult” today!”

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What being married has taught me

So yesterday my hubby and I marked 12 years in our marriage belt. I honestly feel like I’ve been married for longer, but 12 still feels really good to say. But what’s really awesome (and wasn’t planned at all this way) is that we share our anniversary with my grandparents who have been married for 62 years. 62 years, just let that sink in a bit….. Continue reading “What being married has taught me”