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A weekend full of poop (literally)

When you think about a horrible weekend I would normally put a picture of my kids facedown in a bucket throwing up and poo flying everywhere – right?

Well, this past weekend (Easter Weekend, mind you) a weekend that’s meant to be filled with yummy things like hot crossed buns, pickled fish and lots and lots of chocolate………. scratch that and replace it with 1 husbands’ visit to the hospital and 1 mommy with a tummy bug that I’m still recovering from.

The kids had a blast because we stayed with my mom for the weekend and their cousins were there as well. So Easter egg hunts happened and chocolate was consumed. It was an interesting one though, because it was Jude’s first one which made it quite special to watch. Him going “wow” every time he found an egg. But, then we also had madamoiselle Aislyn rocking her punishment like a mature little person. There were no complaints about no Easter eggs, or chocolate – she just supported everyone and did her thang. Super proud of her.  

Anyway, besides that – Tim had been complaining for a few weeks now about his tummy being bloated and fairly sore. Which led us to going to the GP a few weeks ago. That visit made me upset because I didn’t go with him and the guys pretty much blamed it on evolution and that the bone that was sticking out was because of us coming from a fish. (We believe God made and created all things, so this didn’t fly well with us) so we’re changing GP’s. Anyway, as most of you know the runs his own business/ministry and can’t just visit doctors willy nilly when he wants. 

There ain’t no sick leave with this thang-it’s him and that’s it. So he sucked it up for a few more weeks (1 and a half) and then I pretty much forced him to do to the ER at Louis Liepolt hospital. 

This brings us to Saturday. I’m like swimming in nausea from the bug I got from who knows where. Weak as anything and so we sit at the hospital. He gets given pain meds via IV then to have him diagnosed with a “Strangulated Umbilical Hernia”. Completely relieved that there was no infection and it had nothing to do with his appendix. 

So, get admitted because the surgeon needs to assess how urgent it is and also help us cover our butts with medical aid. (They’re so sticky about ER visits-we don’t get admitted then we pay for everything done in the ER. Scans, blood work, consultations etc) so admitted he went. 

Note Tim hasn’t eaten a thing since Friday night so his tummy isn’t as inflamed. So Surgeon assesses when he gets there and it isn’t urgent enough for him to operate that same day and he reckons it isn’t a Strangulated Umbilical hernia but just an Umbilical  Hernia that’s a quick fix. 

We both sigh with relief because Tim doesn’t like the idea of going under the knife for major surgery but minor surgery, he can do. We were sent home with meds to tide him over until the op in 2 weeks.

So, with that being our whole saturday, I’m still nauseous, and Tim isn’t fixed our Easter weekend turned into a carefully eating what we could affair – which kind of sucked because Sunday lunch is a thing for us and I muscled up the strength to cook up a storm. The meds worked for Tim but I was still man down.

Monday hit and we were both back to being the way we were on Saturday. But being parents we can’t stop, so Tim had promised a day off for me and so he took the kids out and left me to pajama my day away. 

That was our Easter weekend, in a detailed nutshell ☺️


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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