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Hospital Happened – it wasn’t what we expected……

As you more than likely read, on Monday my husband went under General Anesthetic for the first time ever in his whole life. Ok, maybe you didn’t read that exactly, but I did summarize that he went into hospital and how that made me feel as his wife and mother of our children. Well, to say the least
– Monday was so busy it was a complete blur. I tried to list the activities of my day that same night, and after 25, I kinda gave up and also realized why I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. (I did have the help of both my mom and mother in law, so I wasn’t alone – but it was still a lot)

So he survived and I was kind of hoping that his experience would be a good one and not anything like the horror stories that I’ve heard in the past from other friends and hospitals they’ve been in.
Like I said, he survived but under poor service due to staff that were extremely frustrated and over worked and obviously under appreciated and so, therefore making an environment that was meant to be “healing” and “stress free” into a place Tim wanted to just get out of – it left a sour taste in our mouths about being very picky if we were to ever be in a situation like that again.

It’s in times like these that I wish that a person in superiority would go under cover and have the “full patient experience”. I won’t mention which hospital it was, (if you want to know, send me a personal message and I’ll share my guts about it in detail) but I will mention and state how unacceptable it is that a man can ring a bell 3 times and not be seen to. Only after being acknowledged thereafter that the bell is to say he’s in pain… and needs medication. Medication that he had previously decided to waver to see how much pain he would actually be in and to see if he could cope – only to realize its ‘fa realz’ later on.

There after, waiting an hour for the foresaid meds to be administered because he had to ask his Surgeon why his pain meds hadn’t arrived yet – after asking for them an hour earlier.
Like I said, I’m saying the least about the experience. If you can imagine this kind of scene with staff complaining in the passage right outside his room all through his stay……. Something’s not right.

If you’re reading this and you have some sort of influence in the medical field – what is the best way to bring this kind of behavior and “risk” to light? I say “risk” because a person that’s frustrated in their work, or job – not because they don’t love what they do, but because they are seeing themselves as work horses, and under valued – they’re a high risk for neglecting the thing they are working on. I’m not talking about accounting books here – yes numbers are important (gotta love me a book keeper – Tim was one before……#flashback) but this has to do with human lives, people. Mistakes easily happen, poor decisions are made, temptations are greater and those that trust these “workers” with their lives, become victims of something that isn’t just the “worker’s” fault – but their employers as well. And don’t give me that lecture about it being a business and budgets and what not. Lives are lives and that’s that.

Sigh, now that that’s out there – He is home. And home being my moms house for now. He can’t lift ANYTHING for 2-3 weeks and so that means removing all temptations that enjoy being lifted. Until these temptations understand that their father is not his big strong self at the moment. It was at this moment of explanation, that our son came walking through – guitar in hand and at the top of his voice sang a song entitled, “Ow wee Daddy, Ow wee”. The cutest thing you have ever seen in your life, I tell you. (we were being present and didn’t video him)

Anyway, as the doting wife I aspire to be – I took advice from my mother and marked all of his meds with clear boxes to tick and instructions on each, when to be taken in a kiddy friendly way so that he didn’t have to think took much about it and just rest and take the things. (can I get a high five wife moment right here) Meals sorted for the next 24 hours and off we went to gymnastics.
I was honestly hoping to have all of the selfies that we took together with this post, but because it wasn’t a pleasant stay – I’m keeping it clinical and down to basics.

Which hospitals are your favourites and why?


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

6 thoughts on “Hospital Happened – it wasn’t what we expected……

    1. Thanks, it is sad and yet I understand the frustration. But it’s such a crucial part of society that needs to be taken care of, like teachers for example. An in happy teacher will treat their students in an unhappy way 🙂


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