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Monday has me rethinking discipline strategies for my kids

Last night as I was mentally getting ready for Monday, I must admit that I was completely demotivated and not ready for this day. I have to re-strategize disciplining my girls because nothing is working at the moment – everything has become a game and they have started being too kind to each other with their punishments. For example – Iraina was grounded from watching television, so Aislyn decided she didn’t want to leave her out, so then sacrificed her TV time and went to play with her……. Can’t a mom catch a break? I thought she’d enjoy her limited TV time more than playing (which she does a lot with her sister) UGH!

Tim has done his bit to have sit-downs and so on, but how do you discourage kindness? And sympathy? Guys! My Monday started with me deciding on how I’m going to approach these two and I’m still stumped.

And, to put you in context – the problems aren’t major issues, but rather principles that need to be applied. Like taking care of your own property, being responsible and making sure that you have a standard in life – like having a room you can at least walk into without wondering if there is a floor or not.

Some may think that this is petty but not going to formal school (where they enforce neat hair, uniforms, taking care of books, taking responsibility for your belongings etc) and having my mother in law stay with us (who enjoys cleaning up after them) has robbed our kids of simple chores that their average peers are doing every day. I guess I’m frustrated that I might be raising slightly spoilt kids when it comes to cleaning up after themselves and maintaining some sort of order.

Yes, in the mommy world – it’s great to have help and order most of the time. But I don’t want my kids to miss these important life lessons that are the ground work for being hard working adults.

Anyway, I’m hoping I find the right fit for them as they’ve grown out of the reward charts, stars and electronic rewards. And I aint giving money away yet, just so that they can go an buy sweets that can rot their precious teeth away – plus our pocket can’t handle that right now. #firstworldproblems right? I know – there’s so much more that I could be worried about but this is it for today.

If you have any tips for a 7 and 9 year old that have worked for you – I would gladly welcome your ideas. Maybe it was something that worked for you when you were that age? I’m not afraid of going old school on their little behinds so bring it.

Anyway, Happy Monday folks! I’d love to hear from you so that I can learn from you guys as well.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

5 thoughts on “Monday has me rethinking discipline strategies for my kids

  1. I am NOT an expert on discipline. My husband constantly complains that I have no control.
    I have used a reward charts system before, and I do find them useful for reinforcing the principle I’m trying to teach. They never last very long, but if you can persevere for a few weeks they do learn what you’re trying to teach, especially if you’re strict with not just letting them have the same ‘points’. There are many different types of reward charts, but I made up my own one once and that worked well. Also a marble system works too – I like this one because the ‘winner’ doesn’t get rewarded in money or sweets or something like that, rather the winner got to ‘host’ the giant marble for the week instead. But my two are super-competitive so I guess I take advantage of that. Shout if you want more info. Good luck.

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    1. Thanks for the tip, I do reward charts and they’ve worked but the novelty wears off for them and changing it up has become exhausting (it’s been 5 years of doing different ones) it’s a good idea to put them up against each other-going to add it to my list. Thanks 👍🏽

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  2. I can’t give any advice. I struggle getting my 16 month old in bed at night. Now the ritual is I let her lay on my chest till she sleeps. She slept at 20:45 tonight, which is late (normal people’s kids sleep by then) but early since my struggle. So I’m just going to send you virtual hugs. Strongs momma

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    1. Shame Melissa-it’s not as bad as you think. Don’t compare to other families. She will slowly transition, and she won’t be doing that forever, even though it feels like forever and you feel like you have no life because she won’t fall asleep with anyone else. There is a light and the tunnel isn’t as long as you think 😉 strongs to you too. 🤗


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