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Behind the Scenes – what you don’t always read about before an event

Sherbit! It’s been a long time since I’ve actually been able to sit down and write anything. You will not believe how intense the last few days/week has been. I feel like I could literally exhale all of my troubles, memories and victories right here for you to read. There’s probably going to be like three posts coming out of me today.

I know that what I wanted to write about first is, what Tim and I are currently walking through. I was saying to him and Jason (Tim’s left hand man), that this part of life – the part before something big happens – needs to be documented because it often gets forgotten, after the “cool” stuff goes down. (like pregnancy, once the baby is born)

If you’re friends with either of these guys on facebook – you would have already seen that there’s a fundraiser coming up to gather the moola to build a music studio to further their impact in the local community as studio engineers and producers.

We’ve been doing this thing full time for about four years now, and many times we’ve been asked – why don’t you just get your own space or build something on your property? Sounds easy enough when there’s a money tree growing in the back yard and no family to feed – any body relate?

So, after these four years – Tim (and I) finally felt it was “time” to do something about building and trusting God for the way to do it. This realisation came when a client of his – that he was serving – realized the situation and God moved him to do something about it. In doing so, it sparked something in Tim to realize – “this could be it”, “this is the moment”.

The way I can describe the feeling is like – you know how surfers sit on the water waiting for the right wave to come? Yes, they try to catch a few different ones, but then there’s that moment when they’re in the perfect spot and the perfect wave comes and they move at the perfect time – and catch the ride of the day. That’s what it’s been like over the last few weeks / months.

Tim was like, “ok Lord, if this is it then we need a venue.” BANG – a venue gets provided. “OK, we need a high level artist to increase credibility for the event,” BANG! A relationship is born and not only did Ernie Smith get booked miraculously- our Sounds of the Nations Global family also believes in what we’re doing and have booked and are flying the Director of Sounds of the Nations New Zealand, Josh Klinkenberg, to be a part of the fundraiser. We’ve also got local artists (Jean Du Rand & Chumani), that the guys have worked with, partnering and serving on the night as well.

Our minds were already blown by God’s provision with these incredible opportunities. But as you might not know, events can’t happen without advertising and a little push to the public for them to actually attend.

We’ve honestly stressed about it, because in our human nature – it’s easier to just automatically sink into doubt, self pity and worry about an event that could potentially flop. These are real feelings people, and they hit us every day because it’s our lives we’re pouring into these moments.

So, once all of the details were sorted – I kick into Designer gear. My hubby briefs me and I immediately have to down tools as the wife/mom and create artwork for the event and design posters, web imagery, banners, flyers and so on. So the precious time that I would normally be pouring my mind out on the interweb to ya’ll – gets consumed by being Sounds of the Nations Cape Towns’, Designer.


That’s me for a bit, then God shows up again.

Over the last few weeks, Tim has been in contact with people that have opened doors to interviews on the radio, articles to be written in the Son newspaper (only to be published next Sunday-the healthy edition) and sponsors that are paying for radio ads on the local radio station.

But we all felt that we needed to do a little more to push the vision and heart of what we’re doing. So, this is when I click into Editor mode and we shot a promo video of Tim and Jason, sharing the journey up to now. I am in the throws of finishing the edit and animation and it’s pushing me to exhaust every spare minute of my day around homeschool, extra murals and sleep. It’s almost done and you’ll probably see it this weekend.

But it’s in these moments that people don’t see the when we hang our heads and worry. When the plug won’t work to charge the laptop that I use to edit. When software crashes for no reason while I’m in the middle of a design or edit and accidentally forgot to save.

As I’m writing, my eyeballs are burning and all I want to do is curl up and sleep for three days. But, it’s now when strength has to rise up from within. When endurance is called upon and the athlete in me pushes beyond the point of weakness into a place of hard work, support and schedule management that many would describe as “foolish”.

I think my kids have eaten more scrambled eggs and toast in the last week than they have in a long time. But, this is when we see that God has designed our family to do what we do.

The girls have been awesome with their school work. Jude has been easier to manage and has suddenly grown up. Having my Mom in law around, has really helped make sure my children have stayed alive and not killed each other.

And as much as Tim and I have hit hard moments together – we are strong and connected and moving forward like a machine.

So, if you’re in town on the third of June – come and check out what’s the next link in our journey as a “ministry family”. There’s going to be something for everyone to experience in God’s presence, no matter what background you’re from.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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