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Homeschooling a Toddler : Jude’s cute little antics

Teaching a toddler to do certain things often proves to be difficult. Now, Jude is the type of kid that likes to get other people to do things for him. I honestly think it’s the combination of being a boy and being number 3 in the sibling line up. Up until now, it’s been “cute”. But I’ve come to slowly realize that an almost three year old that can’t feed himself (more like won’t feed himself) is not a healthy thing. So, I have put on my big girl panties and have started to show some tough love.

So, while I was in between the girls different science lessons the other day-i pulled out his little activity and got him to sort the buttons into colour according to their string. He then had to thread the shoe string through the button and thread it through. It took a while but when he got it and we cheered him on-he started to enjoy it. But after about four buttons, he slumped down and just lay there. I giggled because he was finding the “work” too difficult and a lot for his little brain. So after he did this about 2 times I noticed he was saying something while he was doing it. It was at that moment that I whipped out my phone and recorded what he was actually doing. Have a squiz and a good giggle because this boy has obviously been watching too much Ice Age where the possums play…….. dead.

Happy Friday everyone.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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