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Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 8&9 The Nostalgia continues

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve actually posted anything – it’s been a crazy few days and trying to gather my thoughts and put them down hasn’t exactly been easy. But here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

The Friday and Saturday of our trip wasn’t as eventful as the previous days have been, but what I thought would be fun to do, is share with you some of the reasons I love my home country so much and then touch on a few aspects of the days as we go along. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 8&9 The Nostalgia continues”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 7, My High School & The Lion Park

Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a long one. I would suggest grabbing your favorite drink and settle in for a good read. A lot happened during this day and I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy it as much as we did.

So to start off, it’s the last day of school in Zimbabwe, the girls and I decided that it’s “side pony tail” day.

Today, since it was my last opportunity to roam around solo – I had set my sights on walking around the High School to get a “feel” of what its currently like there. But I was sorely disappointed to find out that the high school finished the day before and so I missed out on the “vibe”. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 7, My High School & The Lion Park”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 6, More childhood memories

Its amazing how time just flies by. It’s already Day 6 and we’re over the half way mark. I should just remind us why we’re actually in Zimbabwe. We didn’t just decide to come over for a big memory lane walk, it’s way too expensive to just do that. My Hubby was asked to be one of the speakers at a Pastor’s conference, which was being hosted at the School where we stayed. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 6, More childhood memories”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 5 – The Girls first day at the school

To start off today, let me just say to you parents that wake up early and get your troops ready for the day, in order to get to school on time – I have a greater respect for what you do. I had my first stint of it today and I almost failed, and we didn’t even have to drive through traffic – we walked from a house on the school property! How you all get it right everyday, I can not even begin to imagine. 

Anyway, enough about that – let’s get into some good old junior school memories shall we.  Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 5 – The Girls first day at the school”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 4 – Moving through to Gweru!!! Woohoo baby!

Gweru? I hear some of you ask, where is Gweru? Well folks this is my home town and the place I can proudly say I stuck my roots down deep and grew from. I always say to people who ask where it is, that if you look at the map of Zimbabwe and put your finger smack bang in the middle of it – that’s where you’ll find Gweru. You can not even begin to imagine the excitement I felt as we were driving through. I was taking every single thing in on the way there. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 4 – Moving through to Gweru!!! Woohoo baby!”

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Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 3

I don’t have that much to say about Day 3 because we took the morning really slowly and chilled for most of it. Then the Bulawayo family decided to take us out for lunch to a place called Hillside Dam. Those of you that know about it must know that there’s a little co-op of families that have decided to collaborate and make it into a really nice and safe place for families to hang out. So it’s a beautiful little set up – unfortunately I was so focused on ‘kid watching’ that I forgot about taking pics. #facepalm Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 3”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 2

Ok, since I left you with very little information about actually arriving in Zimbabwe and what it has been like in my last post – I’m going to start “Day 2” nearly at the end of “Day 1”.

All I can say is that there is something about “coming home”. Ok, I’m not actually back in my home town quite yet, but being on home soil is a really special feeling. As our plane descended on Zimbabwe and into the Bulawayo airport, you can literally see the difference in lifestyle to what we had just left an hour before. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 2”

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 1 [how to travel with a toddler]

Oh my word! This day was jam packed with so many firsts and I’m still trying to organize my thoughts around how to tell you what happened. Ok!, so we are in Zimbabwe. Yes, if many of you didn’t know – I was born and raised in a lovely little town called Gweru in the heart of beautiful Zimbabwe. I’ll probably end up going on and on about how amazing it is – so I won’t judge if you click onto something less “braggy”. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 1 [how to travel with a toddler]”

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Writing for my first Magazine

I know it’s like Tuesday already, but life is crazy and to actually sit down and write down my thoughts is becoming one of those “Bat Cave” kind of things to do. This potty training thing is still all consuming because, as much as he “has the idea”, we still have to keep tabs on how he’s doing through the day and try and make sure he’s focused. Anyway, so here I sit – literally in the dark solitude of my “Bat Cave” and want to share that I have officially become a contributor to a magazine!  Continue reading “Writing for my first Magazine”