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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 6, More childhood memories

Its amazing how time just flies by. It’s already Day 6 and we’re over the half way mark. I should just remind us why we’re actually in Zimbabwe. We didn’t just decide to come over for a big memory lane walk, it’s way too expensive to just do that. My Hubby was asked to be one of the speakers at a Pastor’s conference, which was being hosted at the School where we stayed. So all the time during my walk down memory lane, my husband – Timothy, has been slogging away and running workshops and teaching on the various aspects of Christian worship, sound and band dynamics. We are extremely grateful in that a company sponsored for all of us to be able to go with him. 
Ok, now that that’s out of the way and I’ll probably refer to it a little bit later in this post – let’s get back to the girls second day of school. 

Today was a lot easier to get ready for but I must admit that this 6 o’clock wake up is semi killing my mojo. I don’t do mornings well on a good day, but with an early rise like these have been – shoo, talk about character building. 

Today, I decided to drop the girls off and leave Jude at home with my working hubby (he was producing music in the dining room) so that I could take a closer look at a few things around the junior school. 

So I took two panoramic pics for you guys that have attended the school to have a nice look at it. I honestly can’t get over how green and lush it is. We had a chat to some of the peeps here and they said that the last rainy season was over the top. So much so that if you dig in the ground at the moment, just around 30-50cm deep you’ll hit water. This was last year November 2016-Feb/March 2017. 

Here is the inner quad of the junior school.

Then I wandered out to the play ground. Aaah, the many games that were played here. Against the wall was K.I.N.G. Spells King. There were many a “house house” game played on the ‘mound’ it’s so awesome that there are actual trees for the kids to climb through and play in. We loved playing here. The little infants playground is amazing and has been kept so well since we left.

These swings were here when I was in grade 1, that’s a long time ago people…… easily about, uuuuuuummmmm 29years ago? 

My kids had a blast playing on them during the week. They kept asking if they could go to the “park”. 

Anyway, after taking yet another nostalgic walk down memory lane, I thought I would wander back to my son. 

As I was walking past the tuck shop I noticed the tree right near it-that drops these kind of berries…..

If you see these berries, you’ll know that we all played with them at least once in our junior school careers. Also, it made me remember the times we used wade through puddles in the rainy season and catch tadpoles to take home…….aaaaahhh those were the days. They also have mulberry bushes growing on the property that really catered to the needs of the silk worms that we had to grow as projects. They’re still there but not as big as before. 
Anyway, for the rest of the morning I enjoyed one on one time with my son-which was kind of weird since I’m so used to managing all three of them. I took him to ride his motorbike on the basket ball court and also make friends with Andrew and Charmian’s little boys. It was in these moments that I fully realized that my son is an extrovert. While other kids take their time to suss each other out, my son goes in all guns blazing and befriends other kids like he’s known them for years. Shame, I think the one might have been a little bit of shock. 

Later that day we enjoyed playing and hanging out with the new friends. Here’s the pond that the guy we stayed with is getting sorted in his garden. Jude absolutely loved throwing stuff into it. 

 then we had to get ready for a Braai. (barbecue-for my US friends)
It was such a treat to go to the Darby Home for supper because it also brought back memories from the various progressive dinners we used to do as a youth group. We would walk from the church to the Jenkins’ house and then down the road to the Darby’s and then all the way through to the Smythe house or Jacksons and then end off at the Hepple Home. Those that remember will identify. 
They have the most amazing treehouse that my kids had a ball playing in (even though it was so dark-they didn’t care). It was so special to watch my children enjoy the fresh night sky together and do things that we used to do when we were little. As much as I enjoyed the meal and the company, I really enjoyed watching my kids indulge in the freedom of play in a beautiful garden, late at night. 

As much as this post didn’t have as much activity in the day to it-it was still really special to walk down more of memory lane and enjoy its many treasures. 

Tomorrow, we’re off to the lion park- ooooooooooo.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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