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Our Zimbabwe trip – Day 8&9 The Nostalgia continues

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve actually posted anything – it’s been a crazy few days and trying to gather my thoughts and put them down hasn’t exactly been easy. But here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

The Friday and Saturday of our trip wasn’t as eventful as the previous days have been, but what I thought would be fun to do, is share with you some of the reasons I love my home country so much and then touch on a few aspects of the days as we go along. First up, the people! There is no way to completely explain what Zimbabwean people are like. There is a warmth about us (I say us because I’m from there, yo) that you can’t package and rub onto yourself. It’s either in you or not. The best way to explain this is like when we arrived at any home in Zimbabwe – the ladies that clean the family’s homes welcome you with a hug and a heart to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s culture to welcome and enjoy each other. Here’s a pic of my aunts ‘maid’. (And for us, ‘maid’ is a job title and one we all endear and love.) I bet many Zimbo families or people can tell you about one of their ‘maids’ they had growing up that was really special to them, because it was like they were a part of the family. Right?

Second – Cerevita! If you don’t know what this is, then know that it’s an adult version of baby cereal. It’s so good! It fills you up and has become a slight delicacy. They’ve started to sell it here in South Africa, but it’s not the same. Just like the Mazoe Orange Crush. The proper Mazoe orange leaves a kick of vitamin C at the back your throat and no after taste.

Thirdly, Sadza! Try as you might, the maize meal across the world is nothing like that grown on our home soil. When I saw the Gardner pull these out – I wanted to steal them and take them home. Those that know what they’re for, just know. Those that don’t, it’s ok 😉

And my last “generic” nostalgic item. Willards! I have mentioned before that my son got to have some “thingz”. They also make a chip called a “chicken flings”. Anyone from Zim knows that these two chip items played a key part at many a birthday party and many “tuck shop” days. They are just too yummy and are way too easy to eat a whole bag.

As Saturday rolled over and began, I was super excited about various things. Firstly I was going to get to hang out with some of my school friends and enjoy hashing out some memories. Secondly, we were going to go and see my Grand-Aunt. Most Zimbos would remember Tombs motorways – buses. This is the wife of the Man that started that company, he sadly passed away many years ago but she is still kicking it at the tender age of 88 (I think).

So that was in my sights for the day. We decided to wait until their Sabbaths service had finished to get in touch with the Tombs family. This opened up time to leisurely enjoy our morning and hang out on the veranda. As we were waiting and have an awesome time, these arrived!

Dutch Oven Doughnuts! Guys! These things are amazing and haven’t tasted the same since I was a little girl. They haven’t changed their size, their flavouring or their glaze. This is a product that has stood the test of time for years. My kids and I scoffed one each and it was so good, that I even wanted to steal half from my son. (I didn’t get it right – but it was worth a try). Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

With that box ticked, it was time to go and see the family. Shoo, people – this woman is still so strong. She’s staying with my aunt and uncle but in her own place. My Granny reckons that my Grand-Aunty (her sister) needs to have more help, because the older you get, the more like a child you become. (This said by my 82 year old Granny-lol) all of her wits are about her and the only thing slowing her down is her body. Which is sad because I can’t imagine having my mind telling me you can do something and then the body just flat out ignoring you and doing it’s own thing. It was special to spend time with her and just find out how all of the grand children and great grand children are doing.

They had to venture off to a lunch so we cut our visit short. But I was amped tog etc back because I was going to get to see and hang out with Rosine and Shanaz. These are two of my friends from back in high school. I’ve been in touch and spent time with Shanaz over the years, but seeing Rosine and actually catching up, after 17 years, was going to be at real treat. Shanaz was staying with us at the house, so I was able to spend some awesome quality time with her and her hubby Bryan all through that weekend.

Yay, she arrives and we decide that we’re going to walk around the school like I did a few days ago and just see how much it’s changed. I did find it interesting that even though she works in the town – she hadn’t been to see the school venue in a while. I suppose when nothing ties you to it then there’s no reason and she’s distinctly said that birthing children are not in her life quota. She’s the same Rosine as I remember.

We talk about seeing other classmates over the years and where they all are. How we can’t believe some of the boys on our class are parents and that the most unassuming of them all is a doctor – yes Sulieman, we didn’t see it coming bro! Some that have returned home to get married and others that are on the brink of getting married and fighting cancer. We are grown ups now and all of us have very real things to deal with. It was really great to be able to look at that and just enjoy the memories.

So after taking a trip down memory lane, we took our selfie and said goodbye (missed you Rudo). We really need to organize our reunion guys! 2020 needs to happen properly. I might just get onto it and make a plan, but we’ll see.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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