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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 10&11, Saying Good-bye

Ok, I know it’s taken forever to write this post, but getting back into routine has taken the consistency right out of me. Here’s to Monday’s and getting it right again. (It’s like having a mini ‘New Years resolution’ every week)

I honestly feel that this is always the worst part of a holiday/trip. Especially if we have really enjoyed ourselves a lot. (obviously if the trip sucks, then- Yay! let’s get home) We were hosted by the best couple and have shared many special stories and life experiences to strengthen each other on our life’s journeys. Our children have played beautifully together – with their fair share of two year old “mine” sessions.

Being surrounded by such great and familiar environment that has topped up my reasons for what I do and why. (This is a blog post on it’s own about why I home school)

Tim has had an awesome time connecting with various pastors from across southern Africa and fully enjoyed being used by God to minister to them and do a lot of teaching. It looks like there might be a lot more mission trips for him in our not too distant future. I must admit, that it was funny to be stopped by one of the pastors from Zambia and have him remind me of the mission trip I did to Zambia when I was 16. He was involved back then as a young pastor and remembers that I was part of the group. Another thing that was really funny, was that we were told as a mission team – that we had to wear long skirts (as women) to respect the culture of the area. A Lady, that was very young at the time, told me that we actually started a fashion trend and it kind of stuck for a long time. I have many precious memories from that trip and will never forget eating braai’d fish on the banks of the Zambezi river with the incredible sunsets and praying that the Hippo wouldn’t come near our sleep site. lol

Anyway, on our last day in Gweru – We went to the church service, packed our bags frantically (because we thought we had more time but found out our luggage was going ahead of us #flashpackforfive) and then spent our last Gweru moments taking pics and letting the kids have one last run around and also get good and muddy in the overflowing pond. (I’ve since lost the muddy pond pics because I’ve unfortunately lost my phone, so i’ll try and get the pics later this week. They’re awesome pics) but here are the kids and us setting up for the photo.

So after big hugs, we said goodbye and made our way off to Bulawayo to spend our last night with my grandparents. It was so sweet to arrive in Bulawayo and have my grandmother make dinner and get us all settled into bed. She had also baked us biscuits to take on the plane back to SA. I am still completely fascinated at how they are still managing to live such and awesome life together. She cooks, cleans and sorts life out for herself and my grandfather. Yes they have a lady come and clean when they need it, but it’s so awesome to watch and learn from that. You’re never too old to do things for your spouse and those around you. When we woke up in the morning, she had prepared us a cooked breakfast. The kids payed out in the warm sunshine for the last time before we headed to chilly Cape Town.

The thing about the stage that my Grandparents are in, is that when we say goodbye, you just have this sinking feeling that this could be our last hugs so we better make the most of them. At the ages of 81 and 91, it’s really one of those things that knocks at your sub conscience every time. So we took more pics as a family and had them drive us to the airport, in their cars 😁.

At the airport, I realized that I needed to make mention that we had carted Jude’s car seat along with us as we always do on trips away. I’m probably going to be talking a lot about that over the next few days. So we cling wrap it, with Iraina’s booster seat and our luggage because, as much as I’m worried about people taking stuff out of my bags-I’m even more paranoid about people putting things ‘into’ my luggage. Have you ever thought about that? If someone can break into your bag to take something out…… what about them placing counterfeit items inside and I would have to take the blame for something that is definitely not mine and be jailed for it. Think about that next time you travel anywhere……

Before our flight we took some time to sit and have more time with the GG’s. Plus Jude got to watch the planes and run around a bit. It was so great to be able to let him run and know that there was only one exit point and so there was no way he could get taken anywhere. Obviously we followed him around but that added stress wasn’t there that’s normally in the bigger airports and public spaces.

So here are our pics from the trip back into SA. One last thing to add before I close this post and journey. If you remember me mentioning that Timothy’s phone was left on the CT-JHB flight and we tried to retrieve it and failed. Well, I honestly thought it was gone forever because I have that much faith in the system. Well, while we were grabbing a bite to eat in the Johanesburg airport, Tim and my father went back to the SAA, lost and found desk, and came back grinning because they had found his phone and gave it back to him. We were all so relieved and extremely grateful for its return. But had he not gone to the desk, it would have just been added to the large pile of cellphones that they have in their possession. So if you’ve lost a phone on an SAA flight – check with them, they might just have it.

Thanks for going on this journey with us, I hope you’ve enjoyed the memories as much as I did. Tomorrow, we’re back to real life and where we are at now. – woohoo! Happy Monday 👍🏽


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

2 thoughts on “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 10&11, Saying Good-bye

  1. i jus sat down and read through all your zim trip blogs (from Day 1 – 11) and all i can say is “wow”.. it really felt like i was with your families as you experienced this and i am impressed with how you are doing life with your hubby and the kids.. thank you for sharing all this.

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    1. Thanks Doc 😁 we were wanting to surprise you at work in Bulawayo, but never got the time. But next time I’m totally going to just appear in the halls of your local haunt. Keep up the good work Suli. There are a lot of peeps that are really proud of you and we all are too 👍🏽


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