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Happy 10th Birthday – Aislyn’s birth story

Today marks the 10th year that Tim and I have been official parents. This time 10 years ago we had Aislyn arrive into our lives and it was one of the biggest shifts for us as adults. Her entry into our world was something I will never forget. It tested all of my endurance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So, since today marks the day that our little girl arrived, I thought I would type out what I wrote down in her journal, that I kept throughout my pregnancy and ever since, as a life record/lesson for her future. So, here is her birth story. You should be warned, it’s long. (I didn’t use Facebook a lot then so I needed to document everything in words)

It all started on Friday the 21st of September. The pleasure of experiencing birth had begun. I had a “show” and the first signs of the “labour process” had started. (Queue the cheesy background music.) That day I thought, “Cool, you’re going to arrive earlier than expected.” Anyway, nothing happened and then on Saturday morning, we got a message to say that my Grandmother had passed away. This was very sad for me because we had wanted to get the “four generations” in one photograph. So that emotional bump made me have another “show”. There wasn’t any pain, so I was content to just rest up.

Sunday arrived and so did your grandparents. (They weren’t in town and had travelled in from another country to say goodbye to one family member and meet a new one) By now I was having sporadic pains in the front of my womb. I started to panic a little that evening when I had another “show” and so we went to the hospital in the middle of the night. Kate Christie – our midwife – checked on us (you and I)  all was well. She confirmed that we were in the early stages of labour. Your father was excited because he wanted you to arrive on his birthday.

So the whole of Monday we were watching for contractions…… but there weren’t any in any specific time frame, so we thought we’d wait until the next day. During that night they became a lot more rhythmic but only 15-20 minutes apart. We had a scheduled check up with Kate anyway and there was a definite improvement with my cervix. (Like 1 cm since Sunday, ugh!)

Which meant we had a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG way to go! It was slightly dis-heartening because we were all hoping to “labour” that day. As advised we went out that night for dinner and celebrated your Daddy’s 29th Birthday. All through dinner I was counting the minutes in between contractions – They were still sporadic and jumping between 10; 15 & 20 minutes. So, as you already know – you didn’t arrive on your dad’s birthday. BUT during that night, the contractions became a lot more intense. They were now 10 minutes and 15 minutes apart and I couldn’t sleep properly.

It continued like that throughout the next day. I asked your dad to stay home with me because I really needed his support, since I was so tired. He was amazing. We had to take a walk just to help with the pain, so we decided to go to a dam in a suburb near by. Here we sat for a bit and then walked around while coping with the contractions. I remember pausing and not being able to walk every time one hit. It was definitely relaxing and helped to cope by being outside and not cooped up in our house. The contractions were still 10 minutes apart and really strong.

All through that day we had been calling Kate to check on whether we needed to go to the hospital yet or not. She advised us to stay home until the contractions were 3-4minutes apart. By 2pm that afternoon I just got really tired and wanted to either have you then and there, or have the pain go away. Kate told us to take a really warm bath and that would either send us into full blown “Active Labour” or put the contractions at ease. That way we could have a rest. I thank the Lord that the contractions calmed down. I got to sleep for a nice 2 hourse before being woken up by 8 minute contractions.

Later that evening Kate advised us to got through the night and expect to come in the next day. Your Dad and I didn’t get any sleep that night – the contractions were getting a lot stronger and gradually moving down from 8 minutes to 6. By 2am the strength of the contractions moved up and your Dad suggested to me that I take another bath, based on the theory that we’d either relax or strengthen and go up a level.

I agreed and unlike the last time, the contractions started coming at 4 and a half minutes. Dad phoned Kate at 3am and I just said to her that even though I wasn’t at 3 minutes apart yet, I needed to know how far along I was so that I could mentally and physically cope ‘till the end.

We then woke your grandparents and all of us made our way to the hospital. Like I said before, your father was so amazing! During the night he was rubbing my back as I was having a contraction and encouraging me by saying that I can do it and we’re one more step closer to the end.

We arrived at the hospital and the delivery room wasn’t ready, as another lady had just finished her labour. So we did a check in another room. We were 6cm dilated and Kate said we should check in. I was so relieved that we “only” had about 4-5 more hours left to go. The time was around 4:15am. So with this in mind, I mentally shifted gears to muscle through for another few hours and give birth around 10am that morning.

By now the contractions were coming every 3minutes, it was sore but I was excited because I was going to see you at last. (We purposefully didn’t find out your gender so that I could push harder to meet you)

At about 5am we moved into the delivery room and continued with my labour. I was sitting on a pilates/gym ball and bounced on it so that your head could move down. As we were sitting, I asked Kate, “How will I know when to, and how to push?”. She replied, “your body just knows how to do it”.

Oh? OK

NOTE : Up until now, my waters have not broken at all – I wasn’t sure how that was supposed to feel? Had it happened already? How will I know?

As I was thinking this thought, I literally thought I was wetting myself. It was in this moment that my body literally went into autopilot and started bearing down. Queue the gushing water! There was fluid everywhere. I had to change my clothes because I was still in my comfy sweats only expecting you to come later that morning……

We moved onto a birthing stool (It’s like a toilet seat with short little legs) I couldn’t believe it, I was getting ready to push for real – you were coming! And at a pace. We had been monitoring your heart rate and you were totally calm through all of the outside activities.

So, it was time to push you out. Your dad had been supporting me from behind and I leaned on him every time there was a contraction. He was absolutely wonderful. By now, the midwife could see your head and she said there was a lot of hair. With about 3 strong contractions I was able to push you out and it was the most amazing feeling to have your head pop out first and then have your body slide out afterwards.

I used every muscle in my body and was totally exhausted but, you were out and it was over. Your Dad and I both looked in the “obvious” place and you are a beautiful baby girl.

We were so happy. You cried a little but then Kate handed you to me and you began to quiet down. We were in awe of you – You’re ours and God had trusted you to us. I then had to get stitched up (Totally hated that part) Your Dad got to hold you while I was able clean up a bit in a soothing salt bath. Kate then put you in the bath with me and you were so cute because the first thing you did was stroke your head, as if you were washing it yourself.

We laughed and regret not having a camera with us for these first few moments.

You were born quite quickly. We arrived at the hospital at 4:10am and you were “expected” at 8:30/9:30am. BUT, you arrived at 6:45am on the 27th of September 2007.

We named you Aislyn Tatyana Feder and you weighed a lovely 3,03kgs. (Heavier than expected) You were 51cm long and your head circumference was 33cm.

That was your birth story and you were a healthy, beautiful baby. You latched like a pro too. The SMS’s and phone calls went out and your grandparents (my Mom and Dad) were the first to see you. I have done nothing but stare at you while you sleep, feed and just lie there.

Your hair is jet black, and you haven’t opened your eyes just yet. We are so excited to get to know you

We love you

Happy Birthday


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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