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What I’ve learned from Transition Blues…..

It’s been about 3-4 weeks that I’ve been wrestling with the fact that I am totally unmotivated to do much. I kinda wrote about it here and it’s funny because over the last few days, I’ve been chatting to a few people in different forums and it’s amazing how so many people are feeling the same way? It isn’t necessarily in the same way but it’s happening in at least one area of their lives.

I was soooooo glad that I wasn’t the only one that was looking back at myself in the mirror, wondering, “What is wrong with you?” It’s been kind of refreshing really. I must admit that when I was thinking about it last night and reading through other people’s points of view and how they were all feeling, I came to realize that it’s in some way or form – “Transition Blues”.

Let me explain why I think it’s this – Everywhere in our lives we’re going to experience transitions. Good ones or bad ones and it’s amazing that when it’s a good one, I don’t know about you but, I go out all guns blazing and give my all at 150%. It’s that euphoric stage where we completely love what we’re doing and it’s wonderful. But there comes a time when the cruise is wonderful and the wind is blowing through my hair, the machine is running smoothly and I literally feel like, “I’ve got this, I’m so enjoying this ride” then……..

The wheels start to wobble and the steering wheel shakes uncontrollably and before I know it, I’m spinning out and WHAAM!! Reality hits me like a brick wall and my mojo flies out to some hidden place. I’m suddenly tired out of my mind, so much so that it’s oozing out me like sweat. Now I have to just sit there and either wallow in the misery of what’s just happened or get out, look at my wreckage, assess the damage and try it all over again.

When this picture came to mind, I realized that as much as this doesn’t always happen to my whole life all at once (thank goodness for that) but it does hit one aspect and that one aspect can influence my perspective on the other areas of my life. For example, school terms and school work for the kids…….. cruising along and then literally 3 weeks before the end of term……. WHAAM!!! everyone is crabby, tearing each others eyes out and I’m a wreck! (sound familiar? bring on the holidays) oh oh oh oh wait, what about when I can’t stop writing about anything and then WHAAM!!! writers block? or my husband and I are doing amazing, communication is flowing beautifully – then WHAAM!!! we miss each other on one little thing and then we suddenly spin out unnecessarily………

I’ve had to learn to make sure that the wreckage doesn’t bleed over into the other parts of my life. I’ve had to learn to take the other parts of my life, that I know are full and cruising, and pour them into the salvaging of the current wreckage.

It can either be a spiritual recharge, time alone, hitting a squash ball, spending good time with friends or family, reading something inspirational or creating something. The recipe isn’t always the same and the perspective on the wreckage isn’t always clear but as long as I know that I’m a work in progress, always willing to learn and be told the hard stuff, especially by those that care about me enough to do so – then no wreckage is ever bad enough that I can’t take it to my maker, get his help and then pick myself up from it.

Have you had this kind of feeling? Has it happened in your life? What has been your response to it? Do you shove it under the carpet or do you assess and fix it? I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn from you – it might just help me out in one of my wreckages one day 😀




I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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