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Good choices vs Bad choices – How they make me feel……

Its fascinating to me, just how being human is such hard work. You know when you want to do things right? I find it fascinating because, as much as it feels so good to do things right, doing things the “wrong” way also has the other type of “good feeling”. I say this in light of what I wrote about here. You know when you hit a slump and become sluggish and lazy – It’s kind of an awesome feeling in itself, BUT getting things right and achieving is harder work but a way better feeling than the “bummed out” one.

Why am I writing about this? I honestly don’t know. It was in my thought bubble and I wanted to write about something and I guess I’ve been dealing with this in so many areas of my life…… 2 great examples of where I’ve been dealing with it are

  1. My health. Those of you that know me, and think that it’s super easy for me to eat what I want, when I want and how I want – have got a very blurred view of my life. It’s not, ok. I have come to realize that after having three children, something changes in the body and I can’t just eat anything anymore. I used to be able to wolf down burgers, pizza and ice cream like a teenage boy and walk away looking and feeling amazing…… now? Not so much. Jude’s pregnancy kind of mess me up. Eating Carbs when I was pregnant with him made me so sick that I was literally banting (and not by choice) Because of this, my gutt has never been the same since. I literally bloat when I eat anything sugary or carb filled. (Aislyn often asks if I’m pregnant. Ugh! But it’s a big joke because we’re not having any more babba’s)
    Ok, so what’s the point of this one – well I went sugar free and carb conscious for about 3 weeks and my body felt AMAZING!! My tummy was grateful and I felt amazing…… It was the hard work and reaping amazing rewards. Then……. WHAM! A birthday party hits and come on! I have to taste the treats I’ve made and the cake and the waffles and, and, and, and……. I literally fell off the sugar free road and it was lovely in the moment, but nope. I was hit wit massive indigestion later and a grumpy tummy. But my taste buds had been whacked with sugar – so did we care that the tummy was feeling frot? Nope. We just carried on making poor decisions.
  2. Running my home. I don’t know about you, but having an ordered home just makes me feel awesome. I do wish it was a certain way, but I am realistic with myself about this because let’s be honesty – three kids? Homeschooling and having them in the house all day? Yup! Realistic peeps. Plus I don’t have money falling from the sky to be able to do “cool” stuff to it yet. But, when I get it right with the kids and the routine procedures are in place – being in my home feels AWESOME. (there’s that feeling.) it’s a massive amount of work to maintain and keep up with but it’s so worth that feeling. But, when I get into a state of, “I don’t care, might as well live in a pig sty”. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” (the Romans being my kids)
    It’s so much easier to have an approach like this, but it’s terrible when guests come over and I’m completely ashamed of my “pig sty”.

I know that these aren’t really big life issues but I thought they are great examples of how other parts of my life are the same.

  1. Spiritually : devotion or no devotion….
  2. Mentally : Reading or no reading…….
  3. Emotionally : Talk to friends/Hubby or wallow in self pity
  4. Financially : Save or Splurge
  5. Physically : To gym or not to gym (or exercise)

I guess I just wanted to get this out and give myself a little perspective. Thanks for reading


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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