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My Afro Hair story

I feel like I’m on a bit of a “hair” wave these last few weeks. It’s been insane! First cutting my son’s cute little afro, and then discovering an amazing solution that just sorts all of my kids “neatness” issues out. Now, I’ve just made my appointment to have my hair cut later this week! Now, I’ve been doing the Brazilian Keratin treatment to make my awesome afro sleek and straight so that I could embrace my inner Kardahsian……. let’s just say I’m over it! I like the option, but I want my afro back! which means cutting off the “old” Brazilian treatments and enjoying the new hair that’s grown curly and healthily.

I looked through some pics of myself from a few years ago, when I had my afro and when I saw that girl, I was like, “That’s me! That’s totally me!” It was one of those moments when I realised that I’ve been wearing my hair a certain way just because I thought it would feel nice. Now, don’t get me wrong – I do feel pretty and all of that – but the “me” was missing.

When I made that realisation, I was chatting to my daughter about it and she said, “cool, this means that Jude is old enough now.” exactly……”huh?” I asked her what she meant – that Jude is “old enough”. Guys, the next bit caught me off guard and I realised just how much my kids are retaining in terms of self image…….

“Well, mom – you said that when Jude was a baby, you wanted to straighten your hair so that you could handle it better and tie it up so that you would have more time for us. And that you would go back to your afro when he was old enough and you had more time for it.”

I was like, “WHAT?!?!?!” the kid remembered my exact words that I used to try and justify why I was making my hair straight. While I encouraged her to have hers curly…….. let me just take a moment to say – 1. my kid has an awesome memory (#homeschoolmom for the win!) 2. She wasn’t insecure about what she was saying and trusted that I would make the right decision eventually. (#bodyimagesecurity for the win! yay!!)

I know that I wanted to talk about my hair, but my kid is awesome! and an amazing sounding board for conversations that I often don’t think are important and then turn out to be AMAZING nuggets of wisdom. Kids can be so practical if you ask them the right questions without expecting the adult answer.

Ok, parenting nugget over.
Back to my hair.

The natural hair world has exploded since I went natural for the first time in 2005. Guys, it was because we were newlyweds and relaxers were way too expensive for our pocket. It ch-ange-d my life!

198297_4884046321_4442_nmeet my sister – she’ll hate me for this190739_4884041321_5294_n

Then I was offered an opportunity to bleach it and then I was “blond” for a season, which was also so much fun. (regrowth on black afro hair is a funny colour palette to look at when you continuously die it – it was awesome!! but I’m not going there again :D) Here’s a few pics from that time.


Then I tried to go straight again and that was fun because you should have seen the face on the girl that put the relaxer on my hair. My hair literally fell off because of the peroxide damage. I was totally prepared for it, but the poor thing wasn’t. I laughed to hard.

So I was short afro again. Then I grew it out and went straight when my first kid was born and kept it that way until my second kid was about 2 years old.

Before we found out we were pregnant with number 2
When second one was 2 years old

Then I got frustrated with the up keep and shaved it all off again.

I did that afro thang again. Grew it out and then tried me some twists. My mom absolutely loved this hair style! 1185714_10151866261266322_155815116_n(Which was MUCH harder to do than it looks! I used bee’s wax and my hair was too soft, so I had to twist it everyday which became too much work especially compared to the relaxer blow dry, flat iron and swirl. Swirl is sooooooo sexy! hee hee hee)

The afro kept on growing, then we tried the Brazilian treatment which was supposed to soften my hair and give me the option to blow dry and leave it curly. That worked after the first treatment, but by the third one it was starting to hang funny.

that’s my folks in the background – they were dawdling like teenagers

I honestly feel that Jude couldn’t have come at a better time. With the whole formaldehyde things and cancer causes with the older treatments, I went corn row and neat afro for my pregnancy. It was amazing again.


Boy gets born, then six weeks into out beautiful season of homeschooling my butt off, breastfeeding and trying to survive on 4 hours sleep – we get LICE!!! head number 1 (me), head number 2 (Aislyn) AND head number 3 (Iraina) all have a serious case of lice in our beautiful curly do’s. The MOST stressful hair moment of my life!! I have not combed more curly hair in my life! I wanted to literally shave my beautiful fro right off just so that I could eliminate at least one head of hair that I didn’t have to comb and look for nits. Praise Jesus for flat irons!!!! I killed those suckers with some serious heat! anyway, it was in that few weeks that I then decided, it’s time to go straight again so that I can manage my crazy little life at the time.

I also made peace with the fact that I would be ok with straight hair for a while and then set a goal to grow it as long as I could and have it straight for a long time.


So there you have it, my hair journey since I got married and now I’m at that point where I just want to be “me” again. Let’s just say, that I am super excited! Especially since now the brazilian keratin treatments give me the options I am looking for and also are a lot more healthy for my hair. I honestly can’t wait!

Any tips? I’m looking into shea butter and have learnt so much about my hair in the last few days from awesome women around the world. Help a girl out if you’ve done anything like this before. My hair is a 4b apparently 😀


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

6 thoughts on “My Afro Hair story

    1. Thanks Diana, but it’s an expense to have done and not where I’m at right now. I might get it done again when I’m a bit lazy, but right now-Afro it is 😁😍


  1. “swirl is sooooo sexy…” lol!! Thoroughly enjoyed this post! firstly wanted to shout ARE YOU CRAZY!!” but then ooooh la la…cute!! Love your journey. My baby girl has a head full of curls and I’m only just starting to find a way to handle it. I use Aunty Jacky’s shampoo and intense conditioner. At least she loves the puff!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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