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Happy 8th Birthday – Iraina’s birth story

Today our beautiful Iraina turns 8! Ok, give me a sec – I just have to pull myself together as I realise that my second born is 8 whole years old!! what is happening? Time is flying way too fast. Anyway, as promised a few months ago on Aislyn’s birthday – I am going to take the time to type out my daughter’s birth story. It’s drama free and not as long as Aislyn’s but it’s an absolute miracle how it all unfolded. It’s the kind of birth story that sounds a little too easy. Enjoy reading as I walk down memory lane and celebrate our beautiful Iraina.Today is the day we’ve welcomed you into the world. I must admit I was very ready for you to arrive. You are 10 days early but I think if we had waited any longer you would’ve been a lot harder to get out naturally. But your delivery made headlines in the maternity ward of Vincent Pallotti Hospital.

For the last 2-3 weeks I had been having ‘braxton hicks’ [practice labour pains]. But on Sunday night, the 29th of November, I was sitting with your grandmother watching, ‘Dan in real life’. You Dad was at the evening service at church.

During the movie I realized that the ‘braxton hicks’ were a little stronger and were becoming a bit more consistent. I noticed that there were 25 minutes apart and just mentioned to my mom and your Dad that something was beginning to happen.

We all shrugged it off as we weren’t expecting you for another 4-5 days. Throughout that night I had consistent contractions and I realized in the morning that they were now about 15 minutes apart – but not strong enough to panic. So we continued to plan the day but at 9am/9:30am you changed our day.

The ‘contractions’ were now about 6 minutes apart.

I honestly didn’t think we should go to the hospital but your grandmother and father insisted that we should go. So, we went and arrived at the hospital around 10:00/10:30am.

I told the nursing staff that we were 6 minutes apart and then they immediately took us through to get monitored. As soon as I lay down on the bed the contractions stopped!! We had 1 in 30 minutes and it wasn’t even a proper one.

I honestly thought we were going to be sent home and I had lost out on my morning of Christmas shopping…… I was only 1cm dilated. The midwife was with me on that one. But protocol required that she wait for the gynaecologist to come and check us out and let us know exactly what to do.

She then did do her ‘check’ (trust me it’s not a party when they do that) and to everyone’s amazement I was already 5cm’s dilated. This meant that there would be no going home for us. We all had a laugh about it because we all honestly thought we were going home.

Your Dad then had to get us checked in and I had to get tagged up, as one does in a hospital. We went for a walk down the stairs and the contractions started up again [You obviously liked me walking around] The movement brought on better contractions and I went back upstairs to get monitored and once again – you got shy and the moment I lay down on the bed……. The contractions stopped!

We all had a good laugh again, because it was so funny.

This time we waited for the contraction so that our gynae could stretch my cervix and check how much more I had dilated. We were now on 7cm’s and after she ‘checked’ me, my waters broke slowly.

I then did my change into the hospital clothes and asked if I could sit on a bouncy ball. I felt this would help bring on the contractions a lot more – since lying on the bed wasn’t your thing. It did help to a certain extent. They still came at 6 minutes apart and still mild enough to have a conversation through. Our Doctor was monitoring your heartbeat to check how you were doing and you were doing absolutely fine. For the next half an hour we just counted minutes and I then moved to walk around as you weren’t dropping.

We had such lovely chats while we waited for the contractions and had some giggles about how lazy my uterus was being and also how ‘non’ text book you and I were progressing. The pain wasn’t increasing and yet we were getting along quite fine.

Then, all of a sudden I had this hectic urge to push and all of a sudden you were on your way out! I had to hold on and try and get back onto the bed. Once I was on there, our gynae was able to manage your speedy entry. (as Aislyn was super fast as well) Plus I wanted to protect my “girly bit” from unnecessary trauma. I must admit that all I wanted to do was get you out and so I gave a really big push and our gynae had to stop me.

I had to put my head down against my chest and take her cues. She then guided my through small and big pushes and before we knew it your head was out!

YAY! You then turned and your shoulders came out square instead of diagonal so you scratched me.

But after 15-20 minutes of pushing you were out and screaming nicely. We put you on my chest and you poo’d all over yourself and me.

Your dad got to hold you while I was getting cleaned up.

You’re beautiful and perfect in every way. We spent some time together, your dad took pictures and your Gran-d was the first person to come and see you. What a miracle! The labour wasn’t that hectic and we didn’t have to push for that long.

You were then measured and weighed and here are your stats.

Time: 15:03

Date: 30 November 2009

Weight: 3,460kg

Length: 53cm

Head: 35cm

We love you and will not forget this day!

The labour to birth you was filled with so much joy and fun that the nurses were talking about us and our giggly birth.

If birth was like that all the time, I think there’d be many mommies having more babies this way.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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