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Our Date Night/Day in San Francisco

I actually don’t know if I mentioned that I’m doing my first time away form my kids in America. Did I? If I did, oh well – read about what it has been like for me to leave my kids at home to do this.

So I’m sitting here, in Vacaville – California, and I’m actually quite surprised at how much I am ok with being away from our kids. It’s not like in a “I don’t ever want to go back” kind of way, it’s more of an “I’m actually not bawling my eyes out” kind of feeling and I’m super proud of myself too.I know why too – it’s exactly what I thought it would be like – because I had planned their lives so well and I have full faith in my mom, has made enjoying every moment absolutely amazing. So, while I have you – let me tell you what we’ve been able to do up until now.

Day 1

To start it off, know that I had written a list of things that I really wanted to do while we are here and we only had this day to do quite a few of them. So after a few glitches with the rental car, Tim and I got going and decided to go to the furthest thing we wanted to do and then work our way back.

So off to “Google” we went. Navigating for my hubby on the extremely intense highways in the city – was fun yet nerve wracking but we’ve got a groove and have decided that even if we get lost, we will rely on Siri and enjoy the moment anyway.

So we went to the Google plex. Guys, we had SO much fun walking around this place and just enjoying the vibe it has. We made so many live videos here, here and here. Have fun watching them because we sure had lots of fun making them. What has been hilarious is trying to cross the street – dude’s! it’s not like Africa at all. There are rules about walking over, even if there aren’t any cars. We giggled so much just because it was extremely foreign to have a guys voice, in the traffic light pole saying to us, “wait! Wait! Wait!”. I honestly wished we had recorded it. I hope this link works – if you want to watch it.

Anyway, here’s some pics as well

After that we went to the Apple Loop – It’s where the Apple head office is. We “thought” that because it’s the place where they’re designed and stuff, that maybe they’d be “cheaper”. Well, no – apparently all of the devices are priced the same everywhere but depending on the sales tax rate of the area – then that will determine the final price of the item. So, we’ve decided to do my mom’s upgrade elsewhere – where the tax is like, 3% lower. Yup! I thought that too – it’s a lot less.

So once we had done those two major bucket list items – off to China town we went. Like, WOW! It’s exactly like the movies. There are lanterns hanging in the street and interesting fruits and veggies I’ve never actually seen – ever in my life before. Because the roads were so busy and we also wanted to ride a tram car – we decided to park and walk around a little. (with Siri as our guide) Off we went walking through China Town and then tried to find a Tram car.

It was amazing that as soon as we walked a block away from China Town – the “yuppie” vibe hit and we were surrounded by guys in suits and man buns. Plus the buildings also changed to a lot more modern and higher up.

We eventually decided to go into a store and ask where we could get a Tram ticket – because we honestly didn’t know where and google wasn’t helping us either. Only to be told to hop onto one and pay for it at the door……… Ya think?

So we hopped onto an old school tram and enjoy a meander kind of ride over to the pier – where Tim wanted to show me a view of Alcatraz.


Google – tick

Apple – tick

China Town – tick

Ride a Tram – tick

Pier 39 – tick

We had also said that we wanted to eat a hotdog from a hotdog stand in the states. So – we did it.

Eat an American hotdog – tick

We then decided – it’s getting a little late, let’s walk back to our car and make a move to do our last bucket list item. Which was to go and slide down the hidden adult slide.

So, as we’re walking back we happen upon an amazing church building – absolutely beautiful and also realize that we’re walking through “little Italy”.

I mean – WOW!

Plus, while we were walking we also so a road that I wanted to see anyway, that’s quite well known there. It’s a really tight winding road and I could see it about 5 blocks from where we were walking. (I’m putting the pic in for my records-but you can’t really see the toad from where we’re standing in the image I’m posting. Sorry, if you can – yay for you)

Tick, tick, tick.

We eventually get back to our car and Siri takes us to the adult slide, up the steepest streets I’ve ever been on. Imagine “kloof street” in Cape Town – but like on steroids. It just kept on going!

So we did the slide – only to read the sign after wards that “no adults allowed unless accompanied by children” – hahahahahahahaha.

So with all of that done – and jet lag still hanging over us – we decided to keep ourselves awake and go and watch a movie at an American cinema. That was fun – we watched Jumanji. Well, actually – I watched Jumanji and Tim slept through the second half. Hahahahaha.

We then went back to our hotel and tucked in for the night. All I can say, is that we had an amazing day and we honestly didn’t spend that much money. I think this is where I came to realize that special memories don’t have to have enormous amounts of money spent – but rather enjoy experiences together even if they don’t go as planned.

Ok, I’m going to bed now – I’ll share more with you about the next few days when I can. It’s not going to be as busy after this, but the moments are going to really special. That’s for sure! Thanks for reading and I’m hoping to be back soon.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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