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7 Things I need to cope as a Homeschooling Mom

Ok, so this “groove back” thing isn’t quite working as well as I thought it would. Ever since Jude was in hospital and we’ve had to readjust our schedule for his sake – I have come to realize that I really treasured certain parts of my day and now they’re all over the place because we’ve had to reshuffle.It isn’t easy to reshuffle a well oiled schedule – especially for a mommy like me. I specifically slot certain things into the day so that I don’t lose my mind on my kids and also on myself. So, unfortunately – I’m admitting that the last two to three weeks have been a little crazy. I’m still reshuffling in order to make sure that I get the right amount of what I need.

So, what do I need? I bet you were thinking the same thing……..
There are various things that I need to either “do” or “have” in my day so that I can cope with my troops and run a happy and safe home.

  1. I need Sleep!!
    Guys, this isn’t a joke – I know that we all sleep in our various routines, but if I don’t get enough sleep……. My kids might as well hide under their beds. I can run on fumes, but I don’t run on fumes very well. I don’t cope with their emotional needs as well as my “well rested” self does. Ok, let me not say my “well rested self”, let me rather say my “slept enough hours” self. “Well rested” doesn’t quite exist in a mom’s world, right?
  2. I need food!
    Once again, not a joke! I have a very bad habit of getting up in the morning and sorting everyone else out and forgetting to eat. Then suddenly, around 11am, I’m as hangry as ever and my 10 year old asks me, “Mom, did you have breakfast?” and I suddenly realize that I’m not coping and I’m starting to become “short” with the kids. All because I haven’t sustained one of my basic human needs. So yes, food is important for me to have – good food too……. Can’t cope on cornflakes, sorry – it has to be all healthy and filling like granola or eggs on toast and stuff.
  3. I need some “Me time”
    Now this one isn’t always possible, but I find that when I do have at least 20-30minutes of just quietly being myself, I’m a better mom and an even better teacher. So, if it’s just lying in bed for an extra 20 minutes in the morning, having a quiet time, having some tea alone (and I mean alone), or squeezing in a little sitcom on the couch – it’s like gold to my little soul.
  4. I need to talk to an adult……..
    Like I said before – this isn’t a joke. I need to engage in some sort of adult conversation during the day that doesn’t include my children chirping in. I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of three……… do you read anything about adult in that sentence? Nope! So I’ve noticed since we’ve changed our routine for Jude, I no longer have my “extra mural mommy chats” because we’ve had to flip a few things around. This has had me sacrifice a lot of my “adult time”. Sigh
  5. I need to exercise!
    Nothing is better for me that smashing a squash ball against a wall. I’m getting my cardio in, and I’m able to be slightly competitive and achieve some sort of victory (on a good day) This one kind of scores me some adult time too, but we’re more focused on playing than chatting. This also gives me a little bit of breathing room from my rambunctious trio. This has taken a bit of a knock too – so I’m having to rethink my plan of action in that regard. Sigh
  6. I need to have order somewhere!
    I know that it is completely impossible for me to have a pristine living environment but when everything is in it’s place and even though it’s a mess, to some – it’s a little bit of order to me. It makes me move through my day so much easier. If I feel like I’m having to pick things up everywhere – that shouldn’t be in that spot. Or if it’s been lying there for the last 4 weeks and I just can’t get to it now because the boy needs to pee for the 65th time! It can become somewhat frustrating. So I try to breathe through it and hope to get to it later………
  7. I need to create something
    I know that this may not be for everyone, but I carry my crochet around with me like a security blanket…… I’ll even take it to a dinner party, church, meetings or playdates. I find that if there is a lull in the day or in a moment or event, if I can whip it out and quietly (without disturbing anyone and still participating in conversation) get something made or created, to fill that gap in my “needs” list. It isn’t always crochet – I also draw or sketch. Even if I never use or finish the image, I know I’ve let some of my creativity out. Those colouring books are also awesome for this kind of thing.

I think I put this list together more for my own sanity and so that I can actually assess what I need to be a better person through my day. Never mind that yesterday sucked and I was assessing myself to see why – and all of the above mentioned needs were not met and now I completely understand myself more. What do you do to pull yourself towards yourself and make it through the day? Let me know, I know I’ll learn something new for sure.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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