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Preparing to be Moms at 8 & 10 years old

Mothers day has come and gone. The week that preceded the actual day was filled with so much that I honestly felt rather overwhelmed on what I should write about. I didn’t know if I should blurb about everything in one post or rather split it up into little posts and rather have little meaty tidbits over the next few days.

The second option seemed to work a little better for me – then I could go on and on about something and feel like I had to cut anything off prematurely.

Ok, so here’s the first blurb.

I got to go to my first “event” as a Mommy blogger. To be honest, I don’t even know what kind of blogger I am yet. It was like walking amongst a whole lot of people that knew exactly where they’re aiming at – and I was this lost little bit of wind blowing through them all trying to identify with anything they were solidly invested in.

Call me insecure, but I don’t think it was that. I think it was more like – “Who am I? and what am I representing here?” I guess I presented myself as the “homeschooling mommy” but even that wasn’t quite my “nutshell.

Our lifestyle is so unique that when it comes to explaining it to someone else – they’ll pick something out of my little blurb and that’s who I’ll be to them.

But I did realize that I do need to have my solid approach ready for what ever event I’m going to.

After being at the event, I was blown away by how many moms there are out there – doing amazing work and articles and what they’re representing. I must admit that it ignited an even greater desire in me to be “me”.

I love who I am and what I represent. I feel I’m genuine, (like many of them are) spunky, border line controversial, wholesome and maybe a little “done” – but that’s a little bit of who I am.

I also came away from that morning realizing that there are things that I’m not talking about as openly as I should be. No, don’t freak out – I’m not about to expose the intricate details of my marriage or darkest thoughts. I would only go there should the need arise.

Ok, so I decided that because the event was aimed at skin care for expectant mothers’ – I wanted to tap into the topic a little and how it affects our little unit.

I can gratefully say that I don’t have any stretch marks that I got while I was pregnant with any of my children.

I had the good thinking to execute what was drilled into me by my mother from when I went through puberty. Whenever I get out of a pool, bath or shower – I have her voice sounding in my head, “don’t forget to cream your bottom, thighs, tummy and chest – you’ll thank me later”.

Now, I understand that genetics play an important role in this whole game of moisturizing ones body – but I honestly think that because I listened to her – that I’ve reaped the benefits, now that my body has been through 3 child bearing experiences. My skin stretched and had it’s little signs of marks – but nothing stayed and all I have left are the memories and a blown out belly button.

So, the reason for my post is this – I have 2 wonderful little Mommies in training. I have already explained to them about how the body works and what’s going to happen at puberty and what skin does when they’re little bodies are going to change. They also understand that genetics can trump all the prep you put in – so they shouldn’t be alarmed should the prep not work. But the prep is there to make it a lot easier for their bodies to change if genetics do their thang.

So, they get the same lecture that I got – “don’t forget bums, tums, thighs and chest, that’s what’s going to change the fastest so help your skin along by creaming it”

We always either have a massive giggle or on a bad day – a lot of eye rolls and “why’s?” I always turn around and say – “I don’t want my 17 year old turning to me and asking me why I didn’t push them more to do something as simple as moisturize their body – so just do it! And thank me later”

Anyway, that’s my little tidbit note of what I got from that event. There was more – but I have to be set on what I got the most out of it.

Can you remember anything your mom drilled into you as you were growing up – that you are thankful for now? Please share it with me, I might be able to use it for my girls so they can become super amazing Mommy’s too.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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